Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Quick Coffee Stop: Espresso House - Sundsvall

[15 July 2014.  A really late post.  Wooops!]

I am a coffee freak.  Well, who can blame me?  Everyone loves the company of this enchanting brewed potion  ~~~ the reason why my boyfriend and I spent about 45 minutes inside a neat coffee place called the Espresso House located within Sundsvall Centrum.

As coffee lovers, we decided to check the place ourselves before heading back home.  It was at around three in the afternoon when the quench for a taste of coffee kicked in.  We went in and took a quick look at the menu.  For Bebe - a big cup of White Mocha Latte while a huge Cookies and Cream Frapino was what we got for me.


Espresso House : Storgatan 25, Sundsvall, Sweden
WiFi: Yes

We wanted to take a seat outside.  However, due to the showery weather, indoor it was!


On the photo above:

Coffee happiness, joy, joy!  Enjoyed ‘em hot and cold!
Cookies and Cream Frapino, tall glass: 46 sek [Swedish crowns]
White Mocha Latter, big mug: 45 sek

A comfy couch and a Cookies and Cream Frapino!  Wonderful!
If you opt for a cold coffee, this Cookies and Cream Frapino might just be for you.  It’s not too sweet.  The bits and pieces of chocolate cookies, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, tiny marshmallows, milk and newly shaved ice – a concoction that is definitely worth a try!



The interior is spacious and inviting.  With a mix of modern and contemporary furniture plus a well balanced lighting give this coffee shop’s guests a relaxing stay.


… This place, I love!  If ever you’re in Sundsvall or in the neighborhood and you want to have a coffee break, give Espresso House a try.  You sure will love it there!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A Quick And Happy Update

2014 has come and gone.  Although I haven’t been around much in the blogging world lately, I’ve made sure to take loads of photos --- shopping, travels, outfits, food and more --- that I’ll be sharing with you guys the minute I get enough time.

Before I move on, here’s a quick note:  I will not be renewing within 2015 the domains of two of my blogs, http://thepastimeshelf.com and http://swenay.com.  With plans on making room for other stuff [will be revealed later], I know that I can only manage three blogs at a time.  Kinda sad in a way but it’s time to let go!  Hope everything goes as planned!  Fingers crossed!

On a lighter note: my 2014 had been a fantastic year.  Work was great.  Met new colleagues.  Spent more quality time with my boyfriend.  Found great cruise packages online and grabbed two deals, one in October and another one in December – my firsts ever!


On the photo:  greetings from Birka Cruises!
Took this 22-hour cruise getaway with my Bebe and four siblings-in-law in 22 December of 2014, my second cruise experience.  As I am not an alcohol fan, a can of Sprite and a cup of cold coffee by Starbucks were my companions after dinner time.

I wore a green sleeveless top by H&M which was halfway covered with a black scarf [also by H&M].
The skirt was from ebay and ballet flats were purchased in Terranova [SM Mall of Asia sometime in 2009, if I recall it right].
Accessories: ESPRIT ROSEGOLD LADIES WATCH which I got from my guy as an advance Christmas gift [will be making a review later], a ring and pearl stud earrings.

Well.  That’s it for now.  I hope that everyone’s 2014 was great!

Have an awesome and fulfilling 2015 friends [and foes]!  Mwah!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Which Sex is in the Driving Seat?

It turns out that buying a car when in a relationship can be cause for a little tension. Who gets the final say? Who does the driving? Are these questions that have affected your own life? Well, if so, why not give the infographic below a little read?

A Gumtree graphic - Which sex is in the driving seat?

Which sex is in the driving seat?? is a graphic produced by Gumtree.com.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Two Pairs of Stud Earrings from Chanti.se

My first Chanti.se shopping experience had been great.  The online store’s website was very user friendly and creating an account was easy.

Prices are okay.  Absolutely cheaper on regular items compared to other stores plus with eleven payment options including PayPal, this jewelry e-shop is the [my] place to be!  Shipping and handling --- not free though.  But for 29 sek [4USD], I mean, why not?

To make a long story short, I purchased two pairs of stud earrings!  Did I tell you that both had lovely on-sale tags on them?  Woo-hoo!!!

1.] Hearts – Stud earrings in 9K white gold

Price: 413 sek
Got mine for 129sek

2.] Flowers – Stud earrings in 9K gold

Price: 454sek
Got mine for 148sek

Delivery had been quick.  Two days later, my items were already waiting for me in our mailbox.

One happy Chanti.se shopper here!  Thanks a lot!

P.S. Purchased the items sometime in April.  Quite a late post, I know.  Tsk tsk.  Well, better late than never!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Brown Algae Youth Mask by H&M

It seems like everyone’s doing it these days --- face masking at least once a week.  I’ve been wanting to add this to my skin care routine but has been too lazy to put it into action.  I look at my face at the mirror and at 35, I realize that I am not getting any younger. So face masks, here I come!

Honestly, I didn’t have any idea on where to start.  I decided not to overthink it so when I dropped by H&M, I just grabbed the first one I saw, the Brown Algae Youth Face Mask which cost 19.50 sek [around 3.50 usd] for a 12 mL sachet.  Really cheap!  It’s a white mask containing Carrageenan and Siberian ginseng which claims to hydrate the skin.

Because I was all excited, I applied a thick layer on my face while having a lovely warm bath with one of our cats, sweet lil’ Bisse, on the sideline:

As per instruction, it is recommended to leave the mask on the face for 10 to 15 minutes.  I got too relaxed and took a 30-minute bath nap.  Woops!  I washed the mask off with cold water and ta-dah … refreshed and moisturized me!  Bisse came back on time to check on me!

If you are trying face mask for the first time, this Brown Algae Youth Mask by H&M is an a-okay mask to try.  It smells good, relaxing and it’s really affordable.  I am however going to try some other brands until I find the perfect one for me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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