Sunday, 12 October 2014

Two Pairs of Stud Earrings from

My first shopping experience had been great.  The online store’s website was very user friendly and creating an account was easy.

Prices are okay.  Absolutely cheaper on regular items compared to other stores plus with eleven payment options including PayPal, this jewelry e-shop is the [my] place to be!  Shipping and handling --- not free though.  But for 29 sek [4USD], I mean, why not?

To make a long story short, I purchased two pairs of stud earrings!  Did I tell you that both had lovely on-sale tags on them?  Woo-hoo!!!

1.] Hearts – Stud earrings in 9K white gold

Price: 413 sek
Got mine for 129sek

2.] Flowers – Stud earrings in 9K gold

Price: 454sek
Got mine for 148sek

Delivery had been quick.  Two days later, my items were already waiting for me in our mailbox.

One happy shopper here!  Thanks a lot!

P.S. Purchased the items sometime in April.  Quite a late post, I know.  Tsk tsk.  Well, better late than never!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Brown Algae Youth Mask by H&M

It seems like everyone’s doing it these days --- face masking at least once a week.  I’ve been wanting to add this to my skin care routine but has been too lazy to put it into action.  I look at my face at the mirror and at 35, I realize that I am not getting any younger. So face masks, here I come!

Honestly, I didn’t have any idea on where to start.  I decided not to overthink it so when I dropped by H&M, I just grabbed the first one I saw, the Brown Algae Youth Face Mask which cost 19.50 sek [around 3.50 usd] for a 12 mL sachet.  Really cheap!  It’s a white mask containing Carrageenan and Siberian ginseng which claims to hydrate the skin.

Because I was all excited, I applied a thick layer on my face while having a lovely warm bath with one of our cats, sweet lil’ Bisse, on the sideline:

As per instruction, it is recommended to leave the mask on the face for 10 to 15 minutes.  I got too relaxed and took a 30-minute bath nap.  Woops!  I washed the mask off with cold water and ta-dah … refreshed and moisturized me!  Bisse came back on time to check on me!

If you are trying face mask for the first time, this Brown Algae Youth Mask by H&M is an a-okay mask to try.  It smells good, relaxing and it’s really affordable.  I am however going to try some other brands until I find the perfect one for me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Glossybox July: The Stars and Stripes Edition, Unboxing

After thinking and rethinking for two months, I’ve decided to become a Glossybox subscriber.  My first box --- definitely a good box to start the six-month journey!

Stars and Stripes is Glossybox’s 4th of July theme.  The box is lovely and is packed with five beauty products I’ve never tried before… add to that the fact that this is my first beauty box ever makes the unboxing even a more exciting experience for me.

As expected, the box arrived as promised --- within the first week of August.  Happy me!

Me to self : Welcome to Glossybox!

Glossybox’s Stars and Stripes Edition: The Box:

The Glossybox Stars and Stripes Edition contents [from left to right]:

1.] Bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick in CherryPOP shade:
received: full size, 3.5g
retail price: 299 sek [Swedish crowns]

2.] Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat:
received: sample size, 3.6mL
retail price: 129 sek / 14mL bottle

3.] Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow Creamy Eye Pencil:
received: sample size 0.7mL
retail price: 139 sek / 1.5mL

4.] Teeez Trend Cosmetics Beautiful Flat Stiff Brush:
retail price: 179 sek / piece

5.] Mastey Color Protecting Beach Spray:
received: sample size, 60mL
retail price: 225 sek / 236mL bottle

On the photo below is the happy Glossybox subscriber wearing Bellapierre Cosmetics Mineral Lipstick in CherryPOP shade.  I am not a huge fan of a very pigmented shade for my lips.  Dabbing a very thin coat solves the problem!  I’ve worn it for straight six hours and loved it.  Did not dry my lips and my oh my… it smelled so good!  It reminded me of the aroma I get from melting white chocolate with a slight touch of vanilla.  Yum!

I can hardly wait for my second box.  I have a feeling that it’s arriving anytime next week.  Well, in all honesty, it’s because I received an SMS informing me that my August box is on its way to me.  Since Glossybox’s celebrating its 3rd birthday, I am so excited to open the anniversary box.  Woot woot!

Have you received your Stars and Stripes box?  What products did you get?  Any favorites?
If in case you haven’t subscribed yet, join and be one of us!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Great Savings: Lacoste Sunglasses at Zalando Lounge

Summer’s gone.  The cold breeze of autumn’s starting to kick in.  Three months have passed and I’ve forgotten to share my first shopping Zalando Lounge experience.  Better late than never! isn’t new to me.  I shop there every now and then.  Zalando Lounge on the other hand, purchases made --- one!

Offering only its registered members exclusive access to luxury brands in super reduced prices, Zalando Lounge is the place for fashion shoppers looking for great deals.  Launched in Sweden in May of 2013 is something I’ve always wanted to try.  It might have taken me more than a year to give it a go but oh yeah … I did grab a lovely deal!

Sunglasses by Lacoste:

Recommended retail price: 135 €
Zalando Lounge price: 35 €
Shipping cost: 4,90 €
Delivery time: 3 weeks


With limited time [usually of up to 3 days] and very limited items [first to reserve and of course pay, gets the item!].  Plus shipping time may range from two to four weeks depending on its shipping destination.  So, it’s all about quick decision making and patience.

Zalando Lounge is available in these countries:

The Netherlands
[Launches in additional countries are planned]

Zalando Lounge --- that one shopping experience you would never want to miss!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Subscribed: Glossybox

I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I’ve just fallen for the hype, the Glossybox subscription.  I usually don’t sign up for monthly subscriptions however, this one’s something I am really curious about.

Anyway, although one can simply start with the one-month plan of 139 sek*/month, I signed up and paid for the six-month plan [699 sek --- that’s 135 sek savings!].  This is my first time to try beauty subscription boxes so, why not?  Wo-ah!

If you have no idea what Glossybox is, well… 
Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription service, which delivers 5 beauty samples wrapped in a beautiful box straight to your door.”  ~~~

Photo credit:

Glossybox subscribers are promised these:  
[might differ from one country to another]

Red lipsOne luxurious box every month [first week of each month here in Sweden to which according to reviews is consistent]
Red lips5 high-end beauty products 
Red lipsFree shipping

I can hardly wait for next week as I will be receiving and opening my very first Glossybox!  I wonder if it’s gonna wow or yay me.  Either way, it’s exciting!

Are you a Glossybox subscriber?  If yes, for how long now?  Any thoughts?  If no, will you be signing up within the next months?

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