Sunday, 31 May 2009

Winning Lottery Number Updates Delivered Directly To Your Mobile Phone

You might have just been one of the lucky lottery winners who is unlucky enough to not know that you've won! It sounds funny but it's true.

I heard in a news some months ago about this woman who entered one entry into a lottery and traveled to Thailand afterwards. When she returned, the thought of checking the winning lottery numbers slipped her mind and didn't realize that she won a huge sum of money until a month had passed when her older daughter reminded her to check her ticket. In an interview, she admitted that she actually forgot about the ticket she had been carrying in her wallet for months which turned her into a millionaire.

Buying lottery tickers is easy but knowing what the winning numbers are is something most people (including yours truly) keep on forgetting on doing. Sometimes we think that it's impossible to win anyway (guilty) so, why bother check the winning combination?

If you want to get updating with the winning Florida lotto numbers, better yet have the results sent directly to your ever friendly mobile phone and never miss what we refer to as "a once in a lifetime chance!" You'll never know! At times, miracles do happen.

Leave Those Plumbing Tasks To The Experts

Are you a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio and presently having plumbing problems? You no longer need to look a bit further to search for a reliable and efficient Cincinnati plumbing company to help you solve your worries.

Allied Reddi-Rooter has been in the plumbing business since 1950 with trustworthy and experienced staff and crew. If you are in need of sewer and drain cleaning, replacement of downspout line, repair or installing of water heaters, pumps and high pressure water jet machines, Allied Reddi-Rooter might just be the answer to all of these. They of course also offer plumbing repairs and services you are in need of.

You might have plumbing skills (just like me). But when the problem is beyond your knowledge, remember to ring and seek help from professional plumbers. They have been trained in this type of work for many years and are worth of your trust. It is always better to leave such tasks to the experts. Otherwise, the small plumbing issue you have in the beginning might only end up getting worse and more expensive if you try fixing it yourself.

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Save Yourself From Personal Financial Downfall - Manage Your Debts Now!

Are you going around your little world confused and uncertain of your future because of certain unresolved debt issues? It's never easy to wake up in the morning thinking about your mortgage, credit card bills and other related worries. Isn't it better to have a fresh start each day wit a cup of coffee, slices of toasted bread, fried bacon and egg instead of being stressed with the aroma of your what seems to be - a continuous list of bills?

If after some years of regularly paying each bill per month you still find yourself buried in tons of what looks like an everlasting journey with your bills right by your side, then it's time for you to seek for a debt consolidation referral service today. With the right company, you will be given what you need in order to move on with your life. The right debt consolidation referral company will help you by evaluating your financial condition, providing you with credit car counseling, debt negotiation, etc for free. Yes, you've read it right. There are many out there extending their assistance to you together with service fees which might not be of so much help to you at the end.

So wake up now and find a good finance coach before it's too late.

Purchase Miami Dolphins Tickets Now Online!

My boyfriend's "bestfriend for life" (as they usually refer to each other) is a very dedicated fan of the Miami Dolphins football club. He always makes it a point to never miss a live match. If in cases he can't sit in front of his huge flat screen tv and watch the Dolphins play live, he avoids reading the news as he doesn't want to know the result and spoil his day. He'd rather wait until he gets the chance to watch the replay and see what has taken place during the game himself.

Lo, (short for Lawrence and that's how we usually call him) is planning to travel to the US for a month of vacation sometime next year. And since he'll be leaving after his birthday, my boyfriend and I are planning to buy Miami Doplhins tickets for him so he will surely be enjoying his stay there.
If you are a "Dol-fan", visit and get the freshest news of the Dolphins, their whereabouts and their upcoming games. Most importantly, it's considered by many as the best online ticketing site where you can get hold of the great selection of Miami Dolphins tickets at best valued price! "Dol-fans" --- reserve your tickets now online!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Please Fly Me To The Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida!

I've been dreaming of traveling to Orlando, Florida since I was a little girl with hopes to visit the Walt Disney World, meet Mickey Mouse and his gang, take some photos and have some fun. I am now 30 years old malu and my dream hasn't changed at all. My heart's wish to fly to Disney Land still remains untouched and unharmed.

Luckily, I have met this wonderful man (my boyfriend) who has been to Disney World in Orlando, Florida twice, first with his parents and second together with his siblings. He has shown me loads of photos they have taken during his two Disney World adventures. I am honestly envious due to the fact that he has been there twice already while me - not yet.

My boyfriend is an animal lover that's why he can never stop telling me about Disney's Animal Kingdom Park which is home to over 1,700 animals (and counting) which is why it's referred to as the largest animal-theme park in the whole wide world. Since I also love animals, I am so eager to go there, too!
Because of my seemingly never ending questions about Disney World, my boyfriend and I has decided to fly to Florida anytime next year with a couple of friends so I can finally experience fun and excitement in Disney World. We have already started looking for flights and hotels to know how much the trip might possibly cost us. We are also looking into Disney Tickets to also be aware of some great deals for the upcoming vacation. With much luck, we've found Orlando Fun Tickets, a great website where we can check for ticket discounts in Disney World and make reservations online.

I have gone through some of their deals already and have looked through some interesting parks in Disney World I am mostly interested to visit (I really hope we can visit all of them!) such as the Animal Kingdom Park (of course!), the famous Hollywood Studios in Disney World, Magic Kingdom Park, the Blizzard Beach Water Park and hopefully, the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park. These are just a few of them and for sure, the list will just keep on getting longer and longer as days pass us by.

So if you are craving for an adventure, join the fun in the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Who knows... we might just meet there! See you around!

For The Love Of Dancing

If dancing makes your world go around, then you are not alone. Me and my brother love to sway our bodies with the beat of music just like you. He loves breakdancing and hip hop while I prefer jazz, ballroom dancing and dance sport. Dancing keeps my body in motion as I consider it an exercise to keep my body in shape. Whether you are into jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap dancing or whatever type of dancing you are into, having the right dancewear with you all the time makes you become a better dancer. Due to this fact, finding the right company which caters the necessary dance supplies you and your team need (if you are dancing with a group) plays a vital role. Dancers must wear the right kind of clothing, shoes, accessories and some other dancing equipments to be efficient in his or her performance.

As of the moment, I only dance at home, following instructional dance videos. I do hope that one day, I can again wear my dancing shoes and perform in front of a huge audience.

Friday, 22 May 2009

The Hello Kitty Casio Exilim 720 Digicam

Are you both a Hello Kitty and a digital camera fanatic? If you are, then it's time for you to get hold of the Hello Kitty Casio Exilim 720 Digicam.
This cute Hello Kitty gadget costs more or less $400 per piece and only comes in pink (actually a very light red) colored cases. It has a 7.2 Megapixel camera and offers a 2.6" LCD screen. Just like most digital cameras these days, it can also record videos and has several Hello Kitty themes to style your photos.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tata Benito's A WholeLatteLove Coffee Shop, Davao City, Philippines

When you're in Davao and in search for a place where you can unwind, relax and spend time with your precious friends while enjoying your favorite cups of coffee, Tata Benito's A WholeLATTELove Coffee Shop might just be the perfect coffee nest for you.

Tata Benito's coffee haven is owned by a young entrepreneur named Gel, who happens to be a friend of mine since our elementary days. Anyway, Tata Benito's which now has two branches has been welcoming people from all walks of life since 2007 (sadly, I wasn't in the Philippines anymore when it opened). The main branch is located at the World Palace, Acacia St., Juna Subdivision in Matina while you can find the second branch at the Ground floor of Conpinco Building. There will soon be another branch (or has it opened already?) at the Robinson's Cybergate in Lanang (another place which opened after I flew here to Sweden).

No matter what type of coffee your tastebud desires, Tata Benito's has it for you. Not a coffee fanatic? Not a problem as you can choose from a variety of hot chocolate drinks, smoothies, iced/hot tea, sodas and more. You can also match your chosen drinks with your favorite pasta, sandwich, cake and pizza. If in certain cases your brain and stomach (these two usually work together - in my case at least) are longing for those fried rice dishes, they too serve the famous "sinangag" must haves for Pinoys (and foreigners of course) such as tapsilog, tocilog and longsilog which are waiting for you to munch.

Well... well... I will surely visit Tata Benito's when given the chance to spend my vacation in the Philippines one day soon!

The Unplanned Tuesday Shoe And Skirt Shopping

After my last subject in school yesterday, I went directly to the pharmacy to buy my boyfriend his medicines for his gout. He was working late so I decided to drop by the drugstore in his behalf.
Unfortunately, while inside the pharmacy it started raining real hard. Since it was located right beside the town's shopping building, I chose to go inside the mall, thought of checking some stuffs and wait until the rain would finally subside. My first stop was of course, the shoe shop. I went around the area, tried some pair of shoes and without any plans left the store with a new pair of pretty ballerina footwear. I then "reported" to the clothes shop right next to it. As usual, I checked some items, fit a few and ended up purchasing a short blue floral skirt (also unplanned). After one hour and a half, I realized that my legs were already starting to surrender and were screaming "We want to go home now!" That was when I bought an umbrella and went home after doing so.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Hassle-Free Payday Loans Online

No matter how good we are in handling our monthly finances, there are just days when we find ourselves in need of extra cash to cover extra expenses until the next payday. Payday loans nowadays are getting more and more in demand especially due to the fact that applications for such short-term loans get approved online in just a matter of hours.

So if in emergency cash situations when your friends can't lend you the amount you need, try submitting your payday loan application online. Applying for the loan is easy and approvals are almost instantly processed. No fax payday loans are actually a part of the trend these days which makes getting a loan simpler for everybody. Once your request's granted, the amount you need will directly be transferred to your bank account.

So when in need of cash, don't hesitate to apply for a quick payday loan online!

Blackhawk SERPA Holsters At LA Police Gear

Shopping for a perfect holster is sometimes confusing. I know some friends in our town's police department who are interested in purchasing new carrying cases for their guns. They admit that there are a lot to choose from but deciding on which one to purchase isn't that easy at all.
They are now narrowing down their options to the popular Blackhawk SERPA Retention Shoulder Holster and the Blackhawk SERPA Holster which can be wrapped around their thighs. For some, the shoulder style holster is the more convenient alternative while others opt for the holster that can mold to the size of their legs. Aside from durability and design, both styles have the auto lock feature which secures the pistol without the need of snaps and straps and are presently on sale. So if you or your friends are planning on buying holsters and other accessories, check some Blackhawk Holster items and avail of huge discounts!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Searching For Affordable Web Host Providers

Aside from school projects and two first blogs, my two newest contributions to the world of blogosphere (which are still under construction) keep me fully occupied these days. Since this semester have only three school weeks left, I've decided to expand my blogging horizon to keep me occupied during the upcoming two-month summer break.

After four days, I've finally been able to come up with a title (which I've changed a trillion times) for each blog and layouts. I am now in the verge of choosing which webhosting provider to purchse services from for my upcoming blogs. I am just a common blogger who, just like some of you, can't afford to pay so much for a webhost company. I need to search for a cheap web hosting support to fit in my budget.

Looking through some internet pages which contain personal reviews on different web hosting providers is what I consider a practical step to do before finally deciding on which service to pay for. I am really overwhelmed to see some web host providers who make their services as affordable to common bloggers like me (and you) as possible. I've already gone trough some companies which offer a monthly fee below $10 per month per domain which automatically comes with unlimited web space and site traffic.

My search for a web host provider for my two blogs keeps getting more and more interesting and serious! So if you are also thinking of purchasing your own domain, visit a webhosting review site first to find the provider that matches your web host desires.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Shopping For A Cat Tree/Cat Tower

I have two spoiled cats, Neko and Bisse. Both are so playful and lazy. Ironic, huh? Me and my boyfriend guess that they are awake and play for four hours while the remaining twenty hours each day - they spend sleeping.

My spoiled lovely cats need a new cat tower. The first cat tower we've had is just like the beige one on the photo above which has a room for just one cat. Since our second cat's all grown up (he's a year old already), the need for a bigger tower comes knocking on our brains (and of course, wallets).

Anyway, after searching through loads of sites in the internet, we've found the one we're looking for. The blue tower (please refer on the photo above) is perfect for our two kitties. It was a bottom plate, 5 scratching posts, 1 lying board, 2 caves (one for each) and a hammock. The ladders make the piece a whole lot cuter. However, I don't think my cats are going to use those. at all. They'll just surely hop from one stage to another as they usually do!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Brighton Marine Palace and Pier, England

Opened in May 1899 in Brighton, England, The Brighton Marine Palace and Pier is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the area.

Aside from its stunning beach, the Palace Pier (as most people call it) offers different food and drink outlets for its everyday visitors. There are also fairground attractions and fun arcade open for people of all ages.

Below are some of the photos taken by my boyfriend during his 2008 England vacation:

And here goes my boyfriend enjoying the warm water of the Brighton Beach:

My boyfriend's been planning to bring me to this place and show me the beauty of Brighton. The plan's sometime late this year or early next year. I can't wait!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Newest Lacoste Shoe Collection For Women

Just like most of you, I am also a big Lacoste fan especially when it comes to their shoes. As of the moment, I only have some few pairs of the brand and I admit, I really want to own some more pairs.

I am so happy when Lacoste has started manufacturing flipflops and ballerina shoes. I mean, I have nothing against their sneakers, tennis and sporty style shoes as they are really attractive, too. It's just that for women like me who opt for those "girly" creations, Lacoste's modern women shoe collection is truly perfect.

Although shoes carrying this alligator logo are particularly expensive, the comfort and durability are just beyond fabulous. No wonder why there are many who do not mind the price tags which go with each pair they purchase. As for me, I patiently wait until sellers put a "sale" tag on it before grabbing myself a pair or two. I'm just lucky that there are still pairs which are always available for my shoe size during these "sale" storms. Whew! Well... well... the wait is surely worth it anyway.

As of the moment, I have tried some Lacoste shoes in my favorite shoe store lately and have fallen in love with three different styles. All I need to do is to wait for the annual shoe "sale" period in town which usually takes place sometime in June. That's going to happen real soon sengihnampakgigi!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Sweden's Ice Hotel is located in a village known as Jukkasjärvi. It is considered as the world's first ice hotel. It is 17 kilometers away from Kiruna (the nearest town), Sweden and situated about 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

River Torne which flows freely through the wilderness is the main source of it's architecture and design. It is created every winter and is opened for people sometime in December until April. The whole hotel is made entirely of ice blocks from the river. Creating the hotel uses 10,000 tons of clear river ice and another 30,000 tons of snow. The hotel's architecture and style differs from year to year. Amazing, isn't it?

The hotel has a reception area, 80 rooms and suites for overnight guests. Each room has its unique design. The beds are made of snow and ice and are covered with thick reindeer skins which serve as the guests' special sleeping bags. A cup of hot drink is delivered to the guest's bedside every morning to keep them warm. Winter clothes are also provided for the visitors.

It also has a reception area, an ice church, an ice sauna, and the world famous Absolute Ice Bar.

Most people who have visited the spot usually find themselves wanting to return because the place is a really great gate-away from the very busy everyday city life. It's just pure silence during the night so it's heavenly relaxing. A lot of nature related activities are in line for you during the daytime. You can choose to ride a sled being pulled by these wonderful dogs or just ride in a snow mobile around the area. When you are there, it is always recommended for you to visit their moose safari where you can spot at least 30 of them in a few hours. Also, check out their Space Center if you have some more time left.

If you are interested to spend some nights there with your partner, with your family or friends, there are lots of internet sites which can offer you great vacation packages in this terrific hotel. Usually, you will be traveling by air from Stockholm to Kiruna and a travel from Kiruna to the Ice Hotel by dogsled.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Shoe Hunting Tips!

In the mood of buying a new pair of shoes? Here are some tips for shoe shopping based on my personal shoe hunting experiences:
  • If you have some time, avoid purchasing shoes online. There are times when upon trying them on, the shoes do not really fit your size and skin color. You'll just end up returning your purchased goods which is so much of a hassle. In worse cases, you have to pay for reshipping and extra fees when returning and exchanging items. Worst... the company or the person (when ordering from a private individual) does not allow return or exchange of stocks. Your shoes will just be sitting in a corner unused for decades.

  • Hunting for shoes for a day offline is always a better option. When scheduling your shopping moments, look for a specific day when you have plenty of time to hop from one store to another and try several pairs of shoes without stress.

  • If possible, know the different shoe stores in the area and choose which ones you want to go to. If you have a particular brand or style in mind, only check those stores which cater your needs to avoid wasting time. You can always check web addresses or the yellow pages to locate specialty stores.

  • Wear the right kind of socks or stockings you're planning on wearing with your shoes. If you are looking for a pair of rubber or working shoes, it's a lot more comfortable to have socks on. This way, you'll know if the shoes will fit right with socks on. If you are looking for high heeled (closed back and toe) shoes, wear stockings. If you are looking for sandals, flipflops, open toe and ballerina shoes, it's better to try these items without socks or stockings as they most of the time look a lot better with your "naked" feet.

  • Last but not the least and perhaps the most important of all, know your budget!

That's it! Of course, these are just how I shop for shoes. You might have some other ideas in mind you might want to share. I'll be glad to hear some tips from you, too!

Enjoy shoe hunting!

Renting A House In Boracay, Philippines

Living here in Sweden for a year and ten months now, I find myself missing home (the Philippines) so much. Since my working and residence permit will soon be replaced with a permanent visa on or after (depends on my interview schedule which we don't have any clue when) 29 June of this year, me and my boyfriend are eagerly looking forward to our Philippine vacation. Hopefully, if everything goes well and I'll be receiving my visa a month before the next school term begins (usually during the last week of August), we can then fly to the Philippines and enjoy four weeks of leisure with family and friends.

Honestly, my boyfriend's a lot more excited than I am. He has been looking for great beaches to visit in the Philippines over the internet since early last year. After his first visit to the country (October 2006), he's already been wanting to go back and stay a lot longer. Anyway, after seeing wonderful photos of Boracay, he's decided to stay for a week or two there to really savor the beauty of crystal blue waters and wonderful marine life.

He has not spent so much time deciding on where to stay. He's found a house in Boracay which we can rent when we're there. The house is only 2-3 minutes away from the beach, restaurants, bars and shops. The house consists of two apartments, the ground and the upper floors. Depending on how many you are in the group, you can either just rent either of the apartments. Each apartment can accommodate up to four people. If more than 4 persons are staying, you have to rent the whole house.

The house if fully furnished with kitchen, bar, living room, hot and cold shower, double rooms (two double rooms upstairs and two double rooms downstairs). Unfortunately, as of the moment only the upper part of the house is provided with a cable TV and internet connection.

If you are interested to rent the house just like us, visit Boracayhouse for further details especially their reservation rates. I assure you that the rates are reasonable. The minimum stay is three nights and the maximum is four weeks. However, you can always contact the owner for longer stay arrangements.

Hmmm... with much hope, we can really go home within this year and be able to visit the much talked about Boracay (embarrassing to admit but I haven't been there ~yet~ all my life). If not, well... there's always a next year!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Underwater World Adventures, Singapore

Singapore's Underwater World is a wonderful place to go to especially to those who love marine life. I've been there once and the experience is something worth remembering.

If you feel like unsatisfied just watching marine life through those gigantic glass walls, you can now sign up for Singapore's Underwater World Adventures where you can expand your underwater experience. As of today, there are four fun-filled adventures you can choose from.
  • Marine Discovery - This is the chance for you to discover different marine life and habitats, up close and personal. The entire program's duration is up to 60 minutes, including 30 minutes on the water. Joining fee is $45/person which is inclusive of Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon admissions.
  • Dive with the Sharks - This program will fill your life with so much excitement as you go diving (with dive guides) with the sharks. This 90-minute experience costs $120/person (inclusive of Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon admissions, plus a souvenir T-shirt after your dive!)
  • Dive with the Dugong - Dugongs are playful and really friendly sea creatures. For a rate of $90/person, you get the chance to have a great swimming time with Gracie, the star of the Dugong Cove. Plus, you get the chance to experience feeding these really huge mammals! $90 also includes your admission to Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon. You will also receive a souvenir t-shirt after completing the "Dive with the Dugong" program.
  • Swim with the Dolphins - Most people (including me) dream of one day, spending some fun time with the dolphins. For $150, you will be fullifilling that dream! Within the 60-minute course, you will be receiving hands-on education activities with the dolphins. Your close interaction with these lovely intelligent creatures will surely blow your mind away! The $150 fee per person includes your admission to Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon. You will also be receiving a souvenir t-shirt after swimming with the dolphins.
I only had the opportunity to watch the marine life of Singapore's Underwater World through the glass walls when we were there. That's why I am so eager to come back and experience at least one of the Underwater Adventures I've mentioned above. Will surely be worth my wait!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Maxi's Pages - My Third Blog

After passing the Swedish Language National Test , I've decided to create a gift for myself - another blog! I have been busy putting up the page (the layout, the colours, the widgets, etc.) since 08 May 2009. I'm still not yet done with all my school projects. However, I've decided to take a break from all my school worries for a day and shift my focus on starting a new blog. So here's my third blog: Maxi's Pages*.

The blog's almost 90% finished. Still, I feel like there are so much I need to fix especially purchasing my own domain. I'm looking forward to completing everything within two weeks from now.

Feel free to visit my new blog and let me know if you are interested to exchange links with it. I'm gladly looking forward to filling up my blogroll with friends and soon to be friends.

See you there!!!

P.S. After a Swedish friend wrote a message on my Facebook Wall saying:

Janne Gladh
"Wtf is this Woman! Varför skriver du inte på svenska? :)"
(Translation: Why aren't you writing in Swedish?)

I'm already thinking of creating my fourth blog in pure Swedish later... not sure when yet but will surely give the idea a try.

*Update: This blog's title has been changed to The Pastime Shelf*

Saturday, 9 May 2009

SM Mall Of Asia, Philippines: General Information

The SM Mall of Asia (also known as MOA) is the Philippines largest shopping mall. It is also one of the largest malls in Southeast Asia and is the 3rd largest shopping mall in the world in terms of Gross Leasable Area (according to studies by Eastern Connecticut State University).
MOA opened on the 21st of May 2006 and is owned and operated by SM Prime Holdings under the management of Henry Sy.

Epifanio delos Santos Avenue, Bay City, Pasay City, Philippines

Land area: 19.5-Hectares

Gross floor area: approximately 386,224 m²

Number of shops
: up to 700

Number of daily visitors
: more or less 200,000 people

Parking area
: for 8,000 carsThe SM Mall of Asia consists of 4 buildings (the Main Mall, the Entertainment Mall, the North Carpark and the South Carpark Buildings) which are interconnected by walkways.

Main Mall includes:
  • Shopping establishment
  • Dining establishments
  • Food court
  • Recreation

    Entertainment Mall:

  • Is a two-story complex
  • Most parts are open-air which face the Manila Bay

    North Carpark:

  • Where SM Hypermarket (the mall's supermarket) is located

    South Carpark:

  • Where SM Department Store is located

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

K-Cup Coffee - Coffee At Its Best!

I am a certified coffee addict while my boyfriend (without any doubt) is a tea lover. Our passion for these drinks is the reason behind why we both enjoy tasting different varieties of coffee and tea. I mean, why end our coffee and tea experience when there are more great tastes to sip and explore? As they say, when it comes to these two inviting drinks, the search for the perfect blend to suit our taste buds is limitless.

Sweden is perhaps one of the countries whose obsession to coffee is just beyond compare. It was actually my boyfriend's mom who told me about Flavored K-Cups which her neighbor recommended to her a week ago. After having her first sip of the coffee at her neighbor's place, she immediately fell in love with its taste and aroma.

Eager to get hold of new coffee flavors, she decided to surf the internet a couple of days ago to learn more about the K-Cup Coffee products. After spotting Gloria Jean's Cappuccino Coffee and Green Mountain Coffee's French Vanilla (French Vanilla's her most preferred blend) and Hazelnut Dark Roast, she placed her order at once. She was also surprised that after making her purchase, she was given the chance to choose a complimentary sample pack which is composed of 8 K-Cup Coffee sampler (with four different flavors - 2 samples each) of her choice! She's at the moment waiting for her order to arrive at her doorstep and taste not just 3 new K-Cup Coffee flavors but 7!She has promised to invite me when she finally receives the package which will make my decision making a lot easier when it's time for me to order my K-Cups!

Alpine Valley Coffee, the distributor of K-Cup Coffee and other famous coffee and tea brands follow the Fair Trade Coffee principle which recognizes the importance of the coffee, cocoa and tea farmers by exercising fairness when it comes to pricing, labor conditions, trade and more.

So next time when shopping for coffee, check Alpine Valley Coffee's page to widen your coffee experience. You can also get hold of delicious cups of tea and hot-cocoa from them.

Sit down, relax and enjoy your personal choice of hot drinks from Alpine Valley Coffee!

I Passed The National Swedish Test!

After patiently waiting for the result of the National Swedish Test which we took some weeks ago (or had it been a month already), we finally knew this morning who passed and who needed to retake the same subject next semester.

I usually say "with much luck" since I have been used to thinking that most of my achievements are due to what we refer to as good luck ... but this time around, I'm going to say... With much support from my partner, encouragement from my family, appreciation from my teachers and trust from my friends (that's YOU) combined with hard work and determination (plus eyebags and pimples due to staying late at night) --- everything has paid off!

YES!!! I passed the test and the entire course!

Although I still have three projects which I need to submit before the end of this term, my teacher has informed me that I am already one of her students who are given the chance to spread their wings in search for something better for the future.

I will still keep on staying awake for many hours at night finishing my three last projects but now with a happy heart and less stress!

I thank all the wonderful people in my life who have never lose hope in me!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Most Awaited The Pacman Vs. The Hitman Fight

It's already almost 10 minutes to 2am here in Sweden. Yet, I am wide awake - eagerly waiting for Manny Pacquiao's fight against Ricky Hatton which will take place just an hour and some minutes from now.

Good luck Manny! Your fellow kababayans are proud of you. As they say, win or lose (hopefully - WIN!) we will be supporting you.

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