Thursday, 29 March 2012

Gifts: Show More Love with Personalized Kitchen Gifts

Looking for a perfect gift for someone special?  If the celebrant enjoys spending time in the kitchen, whether he/she enjoys to cook, bake or simply eat, personalized kitchen gifts are going to be deeply appreciated so go for it!

Here are three cute gifts I’ve found over the internet:

Personalized Gift1

One can never go wrong with a Friendly Family Character Bowl.  Reminder though --- if you are planning on sending one for me [ehem], replace Dad’s Ice Cream with Maxi ♥ Cooking.  I sure want one a dozen of this!
Personalized Gift2


This Live, Laugh, Love Clock looks lovely.  I want one for our kitchen.  I know you want one, too!
Personalized Gift3

The first time I caught glimpse of these aprons, I knew then that it was love at first sight.

Red heartThe one in the middle with that irresistible pink owl is perfect for me --- and your family and friends of course [*wink*]!

Gift one to your friend!  She’ll surely treasure it!

Personalized Gift4Zoom!  Sexy, ‘eh?

How about you?  Do you gift personalized items to your family and friends?

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