It's Lovely White Out Here!

by - Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I usually get mixed emotions when it comes to winter. Well, who can blame me? I come from a warm country and now living in this freezing part of the world!

It is my second winter here in Sweden and honestly, I have already adapted to its weather. I love the cold breeze of the wind touching my skin. I love the idea that it snows instead of raining. Especially the idea of setting my every step on the wonderful white roads makes me feel like I am in another world.

(on the photo: a bridge over the frozen river in the middle of the town)

There are some who think of winter as a boring season as there is no much sign of life. The trees are sleeping, the flowers are gone, the ocean of green grasses are fully covered with snow and so on. But for me, there is beauty behind the vast ocean of whiteness... there is serenity and silence.

So for me, it's lovely white out here!

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  1. Hi, what a snow! nice! Anyway, I would to x-link with u too! Actually I added u up already on my blog list. Hope me too! Thanks. HAve a nice day.. muahhh! (~_~)


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