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by - Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yup. I am the proud author of this blog. [Update: and The Pastime Shelf (the newest addition to the family)].

Sometime last week, I decided to spread out my wings and not just limit my blog posts about health posts so I came up with a decision to start a new blog (I used to own the domain www.healthnbeyond.com However, due to Google issues which I could not fix, I decided to let go of it and it was then when I started this blog). It was difficult at first. But I somehow managed to fix the first few important parts of my new blog - the layout, the title, the title board, my author corner and the shoutbox tab. I was really busy these past days and that finishing everything within a week was a challenge!

Anyway, since my fingers are really in the mood for sharing some facts about me to my readers, I will be making my first post today just to make my fingers and brain work and to of course... start what has to be started.

As mentioned on my Author Corner Box, I am Maxi (not my real name of course), 30 years old (as of today, January 24, 2009). In case you want to send me presents on my special day, I just want to let you know that my birthday falls on the 7th of October. I have been kicked out from my mom's tummy on the year of the horse - 1978. So be sure to get out of my way or else I might kick you straight on your face. Just kidding... or am I?

I was born in Quezon City, Philippines. My parents met there, fell in love, tied their marriage bond... and then, a year later, I was born. I only spent my first few years in the city of Manila as my mother decided to raise me up in the beautiful city of Davao where she grew up as well.

So basically, it was in Davao City where I learned the "bisaya" dialect and later on ilonggo and dabawenyo, met new friends and a few enemies. My education history from kindergarten to college started and ended in the same city with a two-year detour along the way as I spent my last two years in highschool in my grandma's place (Digos City). That idea was horrible at first but it was actually a blessing in disguise as I met one of my best friends there, Nets Joaquin.

As you most know, I am a pharmacist and have worked in a hospital in General Santos City and a drugstore in Davao City. My father has an Autocad business in Quezon City so I have decided one day to stay with him and learn the basics of the company. Since I am not a computer wizard, I have not quite absorbed everything. So, I have ended up just staying under my father's caring wings for almost two years in Manila.

My mom is a lovely woman who owns her mango farm in Davao del Sur. Just like my dad, my mom is also an engineer who have served a lot of years in the government and have had a teaching career in the Ateneo de Davao University (Engineering Department). I love going there but as I am not so inclined to farming, I also have not absorbed everything that I must learn to follow my mom's footprints.

I had my shares of relationships' ups and downs. The ups were somehow wonderful and few and the downs were so disastrous. So, I decided to stop falling in love for almost two years after my last failed relationship. Well, unplanned as we call it, I met a wonderful guy over the internet , Janne (pronounced as Yan-ne in Swedish) and started exchanging e-mails with him. The constant communication led from one thing to another until five months later, we decided to give it a try sometime in April of 2006. A few months later, Janne decided to visit me and my family, had a one on one "pinoy" style conversation with my parents (he said he was really nervous by then) and was forced to eat Durian. Haha!
It was in February 29, 2007 when I submitted my Residence and Working Visa application form and another necessary docs to the Swedish Embassy in Makati. I got interviewed in April and got my Visa in May. I flew in to Sweden on the 29th of June 2007 and had been happy living in Sweden since then.

Anyway, Janne (or Bebeko or simply Bebe), my boyfriend who is 2 years older than me is a teacher for special adults in a town in Sweden named Söderhamn. At the same time, he is also taking up further studies to deepen his knowledge about his field and become a more effective teacher to his students.

I am now on the last stage of my Swedish language course which people think is crazy as they say I have learned everything in a short span of time. Hopefully, in August 2009, I will already be studying in a university here in Sweden to take up some necessary subjects for me to become a licensed pharmacist here in Sweden.

My boyfriend and I are not yet married but we will be in the the right time. We have no kids but we will have one or two when we both are already prepared to raise our little angels.

So basically, that's everything you need to know about me. If you are still curious, try visiting my friendster page, facebook profile and if interested, we can even be friends. So, add me up!

Thanks for dropping by and for allowing me to share a little bit about my life to you.

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  1. ur story is nice..

  2. wow very inspiring story...Take care and Goodluck

  3. Good thing you have a good life now.

    Hope you can support my sites.
    Gamer Pinoy

    Visit my blogs about life, technology, and my non-sense
    Life's a journey
    Coffee and Peanuts

    I have already added you as a featured blogger in my blog.

    Maybe, after AJ we can feature you on balitaktakan.com

  4. What can I say life is like that -grin- we have our ups and downs and oftentime when we back off a little it is the best part of our life. We have the same chinese sign I am a horse too nako iba pag sumipa ang mga horse haha. -smile-

  5. Hi Maxi,
    Just letting you know that I mentioned you today on my post.

    http://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2009/05/04/on-tags-and-awards/ :)

  6. Sometimes, some people are just lucky and blessed in love and life ;)

    Hi, just dropping in from Ate Becka's site.

    Recent blog:=- LP4: Imposible Ba?

  7. yes nortehanon. perhaps there really is true love and real happiness after all. thanks for dropping by here! will be visiting your blog after posting this one! see you around! :) :) :)

    Recent blog:=- Health and Home Pages' New Badge

  8. Veronica frm Everyday Fish Phil11 February 2011 at 09:43

    Hi max,

    Just dropping by, magkalapit lng pla tayo ng bday, mine is Oct. 8 heheh, so libra karin pla. I also live here in davao city, sayang noh ngayun lng tao nagkakilala.


  9. Wow mentioned ever jud diay ko..hehehe..thank u guapa..ur my veri bespren talaga.. :*
    Touch man pod ko oi..Makahilak sab ko dah.. :'(

  10. UI. Sorry for the late reply bespren.  Been busy.  Thanks for being a great friend. HOpe to see you soon . Hugs!


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