Alone For Three Consecutive Days - Boring!

by - Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My boyfriend's away for 3 days and I find it strange living alone in our apartment... just seems to be empty and boring as he's not home to listen to my none-sense stories and chats. On the other hand, I consider it as a good vacation especially for his ears to rest for awhile from my never ending talks.

I am actually happy for him because he have finally decided to take his profession into the next level. He's been a teacher for special adults for many years now. When the year 2009 opened, it brought him a new opportunity to upgrade his degree. So as of the moment, he's working and studying at the same time. It's a bit new for us as both are busy during the evenings reading our books and finishing our assignments. He now rarely sits in front of the telly watching shows (except of course when his favourite football, ice hockey and American football teams are playing on tv). Well, well... that's life. We need to do something more important for our future that we need to leave some of our cherished tv shows behind for awhile.

Anyway, since he's been away since yesterday attending some courses in another city, I am left alone with my two pretty cats, one desk top and a lap top (I am quite spoiled I guess).

Honestly, I found it difficult to sleep alone as I wasn't used to that kind of situation. But I am glad to know that he'll be back home tomorrow!

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  1. Home alone diay ka bruha? haha..
    kuratan ko nimo! uy congrats to Janne! musta na? hope to chat with you one of these days.. regards daw c baliw mapeng.. mwahugs!
    i'll add u up sa blogroll nako..mwah!

  2. hi there Maxi... how are you?
    I can imagine how close you are to your bf :D

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  4. maxi..one more question, if i buy my own domain, can i still use back the same blog name? ie. reanaclaire.blogspot.com instead of changing it... cos i dont want to start a blog all over again.. can i transfer the posts to the new domain? oh, can u give me a msg when u reply here or in my blog? thanks a lot, Maxi..

  5. Hi Maxi sorry my dear I thought you're shy medyo kasi parang look a like kayo nang konti. Anyway I change na the name sa blogroll ko thanks for dropping by. Okey dokie read pa ako sa mga ibang post mo dito hehe.


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