Everybody Hapi - My New Favourite Filipino Comedy Show!

by - Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I miss a lot of things about the Philippines especially the days when I get to sit down with my family in the living room after dinner and enjoying a comedy tv show for at least a couple of hours. We all have fun together and even laugh at the silliest jokes delivered. The great old days, huhMy boyfriend knows my needs and one of them is to be able to watch Filipino shows to relieve me from homesickness. I can say that my boyfriend's too patient especially when it comes to searching for websites where I can enjoy Pinoy shows and films whenever I have extra time to do so. Although other Pinoys residing outside the Philippines is enjoying The Filipino Channel (TFC) coverage, I unfortunately can't. As of the moment, there's no TFC here in Sweden. That is why watching recorded shows which are shared online really is a good thing for Filipinos like me.
Anyway, after enjoying the delicious dinner we had today, I gladly sat in front of my wide screen computer screen (thanks to my boyfriend who gave me my new desktop as a birthday gift) and watched Everybody Hapi. I had been following this show since it aired some time in 2008. Tonight, I watched the 15th episode which really made me burst into laughter.

I am just wondering why Eugene Domingo's not in the show today (and I guess she wasn't also on it on the past episode). Is she sick or out of the country? The show's a lot funnier with her around. Hope she's back again on the 16th episode of Everybody Hapi.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

    I know what you mean about missing somethings when leaving a place you are from. I moved around a lot as a kid because both my parents served in the U.S. Air Force. In fact, we were stationed in Guam at one for awhile. Although living out of country for you is different than in my case.

    Nonetheless, I still miss the childhood days when I lived in the central USA. I'm going to be talking about that a little bit soon.

    I hope they get that Filipino network for you in Sweden.

    Nice post my friend.

  2. thanks for sharing, too.

    it's really difficult to start a new life but at some point, we have to. i am happy. but there are times when i miss my country, too.

    thanks 'D!


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