The Importance Of Tagging

by - Thursday, March 19, 2009

If you are a blogger with many (or little) blogosphere friends, I bet that you have been already tagged at least once in your blogosphere existence.

However, do you really see the importance tagging creates? Aside from strengthening the bonds of friendship and recognizing each and every blogger as much as possible, tagging also helps in increasing the popularity of each blog being tagged. So whoever started this idea, I sincerely want to thank you for spreading the good deed.

Anyway, so how can tagging increase a blog's popularity?

It's simple. I got tagged, you got tagged and you would be also tagging another. Still not getting it? Okey, say for example a particular blogger has chosen to tag me (meaning, to pass the small responsibility of doing a little task and post it on my blog), he/she will not just mention my name or blog title on his post. He will also need to link it to my site.

Question is, why link?
  • First, to avoid confusion. If you feel like I deserve to be tagged, you don't just mention my name, Maxi as there are lots using the same pseudonymn over the internet. Plus, I might have more than just one blog. So, linking my blog to my name will avoid confusion. I will also know which blog I am supposed to respond and post the tag on.

  • Second, to strengthen friendship by helping one other to strengthen each blogger's exposure. If you notice, advertisers pay bloggers to mention their products by providing an anchor text and a link to their site. This is because linking their site to our blogs will increase their popularity which will possibly increase their pageranks and quality of traffic. Unlike advertisers, we do this for free because we are hoping to at least help each in as many ways possible.

    So, in an easier way to grasp the idea of tagging, tagging is equivalent to linking.

    You link me ---> I link you back while I choose other people to link ---> They link me back and so on...
Now I realize that bloggers are not selfish creatures who are trying to reach success on their own . We share the passion of blogging, sharing who we are and creating a network of friends we never even met personally. Despite our differences, we all manage to connect and lift each other up.

*** New to tagging? Here's an example where I got tagged by a fellow blogger:

Update On My Manila Vacation And A Tag From Tony

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  1. thx 4 the visit my blog..nice to meet you..nice blog

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  2. thank you for liking it... trying so hard to reach out to other bloggers through this blog.

    have a great day! Smile

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  3. This is very beneficial and helpful to all bloggers. I would like to thank the person responsible for starting that in person.

    Sometimes it can be overwhelming as you know to receive many at once, but I'm never going to disrespect anyone that takes the time out of their day to make mention of me in a post. Sure, it may not get posted right away, but they will be acknowledged by me even if I was already tagged with the same award/tag before.

    You reach out to bloggers about as well as anyone I know. Whether it is in a post with advice or a comment to support or cheer someone up, your impact doesn't go unnoticed which is why you are so well-liked by others.

    Nice post my dear blugger friend!

    P.S. Thanks for the friend invite on Facebook! I had no idea you had an account there.

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  4. thanks 'D for dropping by again. nice to see your words here.

    you are so well-loved by others, too. that i can see and i am so happy of you!

    just sad that we can't do the tags at once. good thing is, at least we do it even if it is centuries old already.

    have a great day blugging friend! :)

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  5. Wow Maxie a very good explanation of tagging. You did a excellent job here.

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  6. thanks, Bill. i am just hoping that somehow, i can help bloggers realize the importance of tagging. sometimes we just don't care about it. there's actually a very huge part it plays.

    have a great day, Bill! :)

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  7. shocks!!! salamat sa tag te!!haven't i told am done with this!?!? =-O

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  8. you're welcome. no worries. you don't have to do the tag all over again. just want ot say thank you for being a friend! hehe...

    take care, Doc! :)


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