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by - Saturday, March 14, 2009

I am not an expert blogger. I've never even had any interest on computers. I have tried learning about computers by enrolling myself in a two-year networking while working as a pharmacist at the same time. However, computers aren't really my line that's why I've decided to give up two weeks after.

I gave blogging a try on January 2008. Since then, I had three blogs which I deleted one after the other, month after month. After the third one, I was no longer interested to start a new one. I really had difficulties driving traffic into my blog. I felt like noone wanted to check my page even for a single second. So, I thought, "What's the use?" Since then, my idea about blogging's a whole waste of my time.

It was on the 7th of August (2008) when I gave blogging another try. This time, I never expected anything anymore. My only aim was to write about my passion to share information about health (since I am a pharmacist) and share my thoughts about various issues. This is why I come up with the title HealthnBeyond.com. Somehow, day after day, I was able to increase my number of readers and visitors. Two months later, google gave me a PR (pagerank) of 2 and on the first week of January 2009, my blog went up another rank higher.

I have received emails from other bloggers about their blog's PR going down and have been asking me why my blog's weren't affected at all. Honestly, I don't know and honestly, I am really scared that I will also be affected with this "PR drop" epidemic one day. As people say PR drop can happen to everyone... when? that's something we can't predict that's why we have to at least prepare ourselves for the worst.

As of now, I am busy reconstructing this blog (Ovah' Coffee) which has begun its existence on the 24th of January 2009. Because I've been so busy in school, my life and my other blog, I haven't been able to spend enough time here. I hope that I can now update this blog from time to time - bringing more important information through my experiences to the world of blogging. I am aware that I am going to find it tough to reach Ovah' Coffee's stability. But I don't care. I'll just go on blogging no matter what.

I just want to say that if you are having difficulties, you are not alone. We all have to go through such a stage. Just keep on blogging... most importantly, enjoy every minute of it.

By the way... thanks to all my blogosphere friends! I don't only consider you as friends. Morever, angels!

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  1. I agree with your point on this. Now I think the important things are missed sometimes in blogging. While we all want to make money(or we wouldn't have ads up), I think people find a way to stick it out.

    I don't make a big deal about PR, but it would be nice to get. Still, that isn't the reason I'm blogging either. Plus, there's the common misconception that just because you have no ranking doesn't mean your blog isn't any good. It just means it isn't as widely available or viewed as some are.

    Anyway, thanks for this post. I think many will find beneficial and encouraging. Again, this is another reason why you're one of my best on-line friends! :-D

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  2. thanks 'D. i hope that somehow, people will find this post encouraging... just like how you encouraged that blogger from Malaysia (and.. i forgot the name again. sorry. really getting old!) i am so happy to know that you stopped her from giving up! her blog's so nice and interesting.

    have a great day... boss 'D! :)

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  3. Wow Maxie i am glad i found you other site. It is great. i was in a slump also i had 6 blogs and was very hard to keep up with all of them. i have let 2 drop and have only 4 but just started one on today. com. i am really glad i met you. :)

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  4. thank you bill. as i've said. this is still a work in progress. the layout's not yet done. i don't know when i can finally finish everything as this week, i am going to be so busy!�
    yup. it's difficult to keep all the blogs noticed. all we can do is just blog because we love doing it!
    have a great day!


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