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by - Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have been receiving emails recently from my fellow bloggers asking about different "get paid to blog" sites which I have been using recently.

In order to give you a clearer picture about my earnings, let me first share a short overview about my blogging career (as what I call it). I started blogging on August 2008 (on my HealthnBeyond.com blog) not because I wanted to earn through it. In fact, I never realized that earning through my blog would one day be possible. Since I love to write, I put up a blog and started sharing my thoughts to my readers. It was only on January 2009 when I learned about the whole concept of getting paid through writing posts for advertisers on my blog. I tried submitting my application to several sites which would give bloggers like me a chance to join in, write for advertisers and get paid. Just like most beginners, I got rejected by some while others accepted me at once.

Just in case you are curious about how much I've been earning since then, let me just say, "I'll keep that a secret". What I can assure you is that the pay is really worth the effort.

So basically, my "get paid to blog" career launched sometime in January of this year therefore, making me NOT an expert on this field. But I will try to at least share what I know so we can earn together!

1. Bloggerwave.com has no strict blog approval rules -even new blogs are accepted. All you need to do is open an account with Bloggerwave by filling up a short online form. Submit it and you're already on your way on choosing different opportunities to write about. Once you've taken an opportunity, complete it and submit the permanent link of the sponsored post. Bloggers are paid through PayPal after 30 days. If you still don't have a PayPal account, you can get one here.

2. Blogsvertise.com accepts blogs which are 30 days and older, preferably cached by google. Bloggers can not choose from different tasks available as the morderators and advertisers choose which blog to sponsor. It is important to check your email from time to time since it is where you will receive tasks and instructions on how to write about the reviews. You can also check your Task Management dashboard to check if you have pending tasks left. Payments are sent through Paypal after 30 days from the day you submitted your assignment. (proof of payment)

3. BuyLinkPost.com is a bit new in the business. The higher the PageRank of your blog, the higher the offers will be. Just register your blog and you are on your way to earning. Check your emails everyday as all tasks are emailed to you with the instructions. You are given two days to finish each task. When your done, submit the post URL with your paypal address by emailing it to the admin. It takes about two to five days before you'll know if your post's approve or not. If the advertisers like your post, you'll get paid for it at once - no waiting needed. (Check my proof of payment here)

4. At BuyBlogReviews.com, you have to register your blog(s) and wait for about 72 hours until you'll know if your blog's approved by the admin. Once approved, bloggers need to bid on opportunities by placing your offers. By the time advertisers accept your offer, you can start writing the post. Submit the post URL on your dashboard. BuyBlogReviews charge 30% from what you make. For example, if your offer's $3, you will only receive 70% of it which is equivalent to $2.10. Payments are sent through PayPal every 1st and 15th of every month.

5. PayingPost.com is also new in the market and only accepts blog which are 90 days old and above. Again, fill out the form and submit it. Once your application's approved, you can already access to the available opportunities. Once you have accepted an opportunity you are given 6 hours to finish the task. Once done, just submit the Post URL and the title of the sponsored post. Payments are sent through Paypal on the 1st day of every month. However, only bloggers who earned $25 and above from the previous month will be paid. Unpaid earnings which are below $25 will roll over to the next month. Payments are sent through PayPal.

6. PayPerPost.com is perhaps the most popular "get paid to blog" site. Only blogs which are 90 days old and are written in English are accepted. If your blog's approved, you can access the "open opportunities" dashboard and reserved tasks yourself. Once you have reserved an opportunity, you are given 6 hours to finish the job. When the task's done, submit the permanent URL and the title of the post. Payments are done 30 days after you have posted the post and are sent through your PayPal account.

7. Smorty.com is another way of getting paid through sponsored posts. Blogs which are 30 days or older are welcome. Once your blog's approved, you have to check your email as you will be informed about new available opportunities through your the email you provided upon application. You have to log in at once to your Smorty "opportunities" dashboard as tasks are on a first come first serve basis. If the opportunity is still open, accept it and finish the job within 24 hours. Submit the post URL in your admin panel. You will h ave to wair for a few days to know whether your posts approved or not. Payments are sent through PayPal. (proof of payment)

8. SocialSpark.com is a sister company to PayPerPost.com which accepts blogs written in English and Spanish. Blogs should be at least 90 days old with a minimum of 20 pre-exisiting posts. By registering your blog, you have to verify your blog by claiming it in order to get into the system (you will be given rules on how to claim your blog). Once approved, you can get access to its "marketplace" dashboard. The opportunities may either be in a form of post, sponsorship, affiliate, CPC (cost per click) or spark. You can take an opportunity which you are interested to perform. Once you've reserved an opportunity, you have 12 hours to finish the post. Submit the post URL, title and the entire content on a provided page for submission. Bloggers can personally cash out their earnings anytime. However, you are only allowed to withdraw if your current balance is $20 or above. Payments are done through Paypal.

9. SponsoredReviews.com has the same idea as BuyBlogReviews.com where bloggers can bid on certain opportunities. Advertisers can make a counter-offer wher bloggers can either counter-offer or unaccept the offer. Once the blogger and the advertiser agree on a certain price, meaning, you as a blogger accepted the job, you are given 7 days to complete the task. SponsoredReviews will charge you 35% from your job. Meaning, if the opportuny costs $5, you will receive $3.25 which is 65% of the total agreed price. Bloggers are paid through PayPal. The earliest payment dates are posted on your "My Account" dashboard. Blogs must be at least 3 months old to be accepted. (proof of payment)

So that's it! there are still lots of other sites where you can get advertisers to sponsor your posts. But as of the moment, these are the only ones I am into. With these eight sites, I already get so many sponsorships which I believe is more than enough for me. There are times when I get more than 3 opportunities in a day that's why I am contented (as of the moment) blogging for these 9 sites.

Reminder, if ever you get rejected, don't give up. You can always resubmit your blog once you have met the qualifications. Also bear in mind that you might not get any assigned tasks for a day. But don't worry, you can try again the next day. There are some who get rich by blogging but never expect to be like them at once. So don't get frustrated if ever at the start of your "get paid to blog" career you'll only receive $100 or less per month. That's just the start. Be thankful instead... at least, you are earning something on the side.

Happy blogging and I hope that you will find this post helpful.

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  1. Great information and honest opinions. This is why you are excellent at what you do!

    And I like the new layout. I know first-hand how time-consuming it can be because of having to change mine a couple of times before.

    Take care friend.

  2. Hi bru.
    Nice layout. Simple. I'm a member of those sites you've mentioned above. Some are good some are not..pero I'm a PayU fanatic bru eh..I just love it coz you don't have to chase opps...they will assign it to you.
    You're becoming a pro in blogging na bru! woot! woot! :* :*

  3. oh yeah. plus, i am not a computer and xml/html pro so i needed time to figure everything out. it's still a work in progress as i've said... but getting there.

    thanks 'D for the support! :)

    Recent blog post: Life Is An Adventure!

  4. oh yup. just like blogsvertise and buylinkpost, i also get assignments through emails and i love it.

    haven't tried PayU. dami na kasi ng jobs na nakalinya eh. hirap din gawin lahat... may time limit pa naman.

    but i will try PayU one day. thanks bru! mwah :)

    Recent blog post: Life Is An Adventure!

  5. welcome bru... nice ang PayU...pero medyo strict nga lang sila now..kung
    strict sila before mas lalo na ngayon. I was rejected first time ko
    ngparegister bru pero luckily na approved din..hehehe.. :)

  6. hmm. we'll try it later. promise not now though. dami na kasing jobs. yun ngang dalawang opportunities na i-noffer sa akin yesterday, i declined them kasi i need to finish two other previous assignments. tapos, may math exam pa ako kanina. hehe.

    but i will surely try payU one day.

    thanks bru... mwah miss yah! :)

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  7. hiyee maxi wow this post is really helpful,at first im into PTC hehe but since im slowly blogging now i'd like to try these site! hope one of them approve my blog also! :-E

    Recent blog post: michelle's birthday


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