by - Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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  1. Hi Maxi!:)

    Sorry that I'm just now seeing this. I had many messages to catch up on last night, so I didn't get by here yesterday.

    Anyway, wow! This is extremely detailed, but I'm glad you posted about this because I can see many using this option on their website. This is something I may look into doing as well to keep from putting too much on the top of my site.

    BTW, glad you helped on the HTML code for those badges. And thanks for putting that badge up on your page!

    Have a great day my dear blugging friend!;):)

  2. i agree with David Maxie this is very helpful. I am reading it now. Thanks so much for letting people read this. You are a truly great friend. :)

  3. oh. no worries 'd. i just finished it seconds before i told you about it. i am not so busy today that's why i decided to finish this post.

    yup. this is extremely detailed which i hope will make it a lot more easier for you and others to follow.

    welcome my blugging 'd! :)

  4. thank you bill. you also are a very nice friend! thank you!!! :) :) :)


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