A Blazing Reaction On Ron Centeno's "The Oldest Profession" Post

by - Saturday, April 11, 2009

I dropped by Ron's In My Own Words blog some days ago and as usual, left a comment there on his The Oldest Profession post. My first comment was:

"April 03, 2009
maxiVelasco said...
another good topic here, Ron!

whatever way we look at this issue, there's no right reason to get into such a "career". there are so many women/teenagers who are chained into the reality of poverty. and yet, they don't engage into such a thing. they try to find some better ways to at least survive.

i personally know some women who aren't really poor. their parents even send them to these very expensive schools and yet they decide to get into prostitution just because they are not satisfied with the life they have... they want more. something i can't really comprehend.

anyway, nice post again, Ron!"
I once again visited Ron's blog tonight and as usual, went through some of the comments before finally leaving another comment just to let Ron know that I dropped by his page before going to bed. I've noticed that someone seemed to get angry with the previous comment i posted. He/She wrote it this way:
"April 08, 2009

Anonymous said...

"there's no right reason to get into such a "career". there are so many women/teenagers who are chained into the reality of poverty. and yet, they don't engage into such a thing. they try to find some better ways to at least survive."

Why does everyone assume this is such a 'wrong' profession? If it was regulated properly (ie: Taking out the pimps and letting the girls keep all the money) then it would be a valid way to make a living. It's all you religious nuts who make it so 'bad'.

"as long as there is poverty no one can stop prostitution" ... "if poverty is eradicated there will be no prostitution.

You're an idiot.

Poverty increases prostitution, but it's not the cause. The 'cause', and you make it sound like a disease, is as simple as market forces. Where there's demand, there will be a supply.

Stop looking on it as a problem and start looking on it as an opportunity. Forget your primitive superstitions (religion) and approach the problem with logic and common sense."
I was totally shocked. I wasn't angry. But I could say that I was disappointed knowing that I wasn't there to debate on the matter but to just freely state my idea on the topic. What was more shocking was when he/she mentioned the word idiot. Well, as a human being, I defended myself by saying:
"April 10, 2009
maxiVelasco said...
hmm. ouch. anonymous here seems to be angry at me. well.. i respect his or her opinion. how i wish that he could have at least respect mine. this isn't a debate forumn i guess but an opportunity to express each and anybody's opinion.

am i an idiot? maybe... but honestly, i am not a very religious person at all. he should have at least looked into that before assuming that i am a religion fanatic.

well, i myself have gone through so much poverty especially when we discovered that my youngest brother was suffering from leukemia. most of the family's income went to his meds and treatments which almost was the reason for me to stop finishing my college education. but well, i never thought of selling myself just to get money. i somehow managed to finish college by working part time on a family friend's farm especially during the holidays and vacations.

anyway, i won't be explaining too much to mr./ms. anonymous here. not worth doing so i guess. i believe that no matter how much i explain my part, he'll still call me an idiot."
Well, thing is I do believe in God but I am not a religious nut like he/she mentioned on his/her comment (and if ever I am a very religious person, what's wrong with that?). I honestly don't even go to church on Sundays. Geez! I wasn't condemning the prostitutes at all in my statement. I only simply meant that there are lots of better ways to earn money the clean way. Another thing I emphasized was about these girls/teenagers/women who aren't really poor but are just into this type of "career" to feed their greed in life. I personally know some who I only questioned their motives at some point personally - but NEVER had condemned any of them.

Hmm... anyway, I hope Mr./Ms. Anonymous' glad that he/she was able to call some people idiots. I just wonder who can he/she possibly be... a common friend perhaps?

Whoever you maybe, I don't leave comments to start up a fire and debate on it. I simply type down my opinion and thoughts about the matter. There are times when I do disagree with my fellow commenters' insights but I try to deliver my ideas through as respectful as possible. I mean, do we really need to use the words idiots and such just to show we're someone tough? I don't think it's necessary at all.

Night night everyone - both to all the nice people and the id*ots around the world!

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  1. Well, I can tell you feel better and I understand the need to defend yourself. To be honest, comments like that is part of the reason why I don't get on Sporting News as much as used to.

    My belief is that no one should take anything seriously coming from someone that can't show their name when wanting to resort to this posting.

    I'm very much a believer in freedom of choice and speech, but I love those that don't have the intestinal fortitude to leave a name when wanting to call you names. Jeez, I'll leave my name out of this comment and start calling you an idiot. Gosh, real hard to pull that one off!

    Just remember that anonymity isn't always a good thing. This is coming from someone that was a moderator on a major sporting site for two years that seen this before. Blow it off, but do not hesitate to contact your friends in case this spreads to other blogs.

    Have a great night my dear blugging friend!;):)

  2. Hi Bru. Hmmm... I'm a witness that you're not an idiot. 120%! Some people are just like that Bru, it happened to me before, like you I didn't get mad. What I don't get is why post as anonymous?
    Don't worry bru andito lang ako...full force support eto!
    Vent it out here! this is your blog! pakialam nila ! hahaha..
    We're in a democratic world. Anybody can express his/her own thoughts freely. If you can't do that, what is the purpose of blogging pa di ba?

    Keep smilin Bru..remember, you don't want those freakin ugly wrinkles..LOL! :-D :-D

  3. When I wrote the “Oldest Profession”, I knew there were diverse opinions on both sides of the coin. I myself am grappling which side I should be in. I’m sure there would be objections either way.

    The topic on prostitution, despite its debatable nature, is not a game of winning or losing. The matter is simply boils down on how one opines it. It’s anyone take. In the end, it’s none of our business other than the “prostitute” herself.

    Nevertheless, this forum where everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, calling one an “idiot” because of an expression of the same, is totally uncalled for.

    I hope that decency shall reign at all times no matter how strong and critical our disagreement to other’s line of thinking.

  4. Hmmm....i was also criticized because of the comment that i left on a religious topic. But, the word "idiot" is truly harsh...it only proves one thing though...that some people have twisted minds simply because they are too arrogant to accept that they too are a failure in their own life! No matter what he/she believes in, imposing his/her opinion is alright, attacking somebody for having another opinion is totally wrong.

    Maxi, keep your head up high and shrug that issue off your shoulder. You are doing good okay?;)

  5. true 'D. i realized that , too that's why instead of getting angry, i got this smile on my face wondering he left his identity unknown. well.. his/her choice anyway.

    i was just glad that i was able to say what i want to say. surely made me feel a lot better after i have posted it. and with friends like you and the rest of the gang (hehe), i'll never feel sad nor disturbed at all!

    thanks for the lovely uplifting comment blugging 'D! :)

  6. oo nga bru, eh. hahay. i tried to ignore it at first. however, since i do have a personal blog, why not burst out my thoughts and feelings, right?

    thanks for supporting me all the time, bru. you got my back, too! ay.. i have voted already for you yesterday. hehe. :)

  7. yup. i know that there will be so many "this" and "that" on this topic and i respect whatever view anyone has. however, writing my comment, i wasn't thinking of ending up being called "names". as far as i know, i did not use any hurtful words on my comment.

    well, Ron! thanks for coming over here. i really appreciate it! ;)

  8. yup. i understand how you felt, Amy. i was once criticized in a forum before just because i have a foreigner boyfriend. the lady was so mad at me calling Asian women with boyfriend's from other countries names. well, that's all behind me now. i know anyway that my conscience is clean.

    i will surely keep my head up high, Amy! thanks for the support Amz! :)

  9. thoughts of a sahm11 April 2009 at 12:50

    ouch... i guess the anonymous commenter is a prostitute him/her self because if he/she not why leave an anonymous comment? Like you I also believe that there are other good way to earn money but others simply want an easy money. I personally know someone that do not want to be hired as a house help instead she stay on her current work as a bar girl. :'(

  10. This is exactly why it should be discounted. I also recall the comment that Amy is referring to when she told me about it on my cbox. As she told me before, she has feelings like everyone else and she let it go, too.

    Everyone has their own opinion and is entitled to it. But if you can't talk, debate, or disagree with someone by resorting to immature posting, why do you comment? Disagreements are a part of life, and if you put 100 topics in front everyone that commented here, you'll have a few that I'll disagree with you on. But I'm never going to belittle or insult someone because of it. Not all of us like that though as you've seen.

    Maxi, you always spoke your mind, but in the most professional way possible which is why bloggers love you. And that also goes for those who left comments here as well. Furthermore(and as you said), your friends back you up.

    I never thought a WHFB(We Hate Female Bloggers) member would show up anonymously on Ron's blog! "In My Own Words", that was a big mistake! Looks like the BWE CEO might have to do something about that! LOL!

    See ya later my dear and sweet blugging friend!;):)

  11. i am not sure Sahm. but i don't want to think it that way. alam mo na. mahirap na magsalit pa. no comment nalang ako diyan!

    anyway, take care Sahm... mwah :)

  12. Hello Maxi.
    Nang nabasa ko to ha,grabe!!!
    Tama pala talaga Ate ko...
    Nagbabasa daw siya ng mga comments sa blog...
    Grabe na daw ang mga ibang tao ngayon,parang wala nang mga kaluluwa kong mag Kumento.Ano na daw ang nangyari sa ating mundo ngayon...
    Nakakalumong isipin na may mga taong ganon... :'(
    Siguro isipin na lang natin na mas masuwerte tayo kasi di tayo ang nasa buhay nila.Baka mesirable ang naging buhay kaya naging ganon ang pananaw nila sa buhay...Maging positive na lang tayo at maging open minded sa sitwasyon nila.
    Saludo ako sa iyong attitude Maxi... ^_^
    Just we pray for them na lang,at pray for us too... ^_^

  13. haha! your mention of WHFB here made me laugh for real! gosh gosh. thanks for reminding me that. yup. i guess he/she's a member of the WHFB club. gosh gosh. i ran into one of them... again???

    thank you for always being a nice friend 'D! :)

  14. oo nga angie. nagtaka ako kung bakit nagalit. wala naman akong sinabing masama. anyway, opinion niya yun kaya bahala nalang sya.

    thanks for dropping by here today Angie! will be visiting your blog now! mwah :)

  15. korek bru! vent here in your blog anytime you need to.. pakialam nila
    hehehe... you're welcome bru. syempre i'm always here for you.. lakas mo
    yata sa akin eh! thanks for voting bru ha...at least I know di ako zero
    sa poll..hehehe... kakahiya naman if zero parang la talaga akong
    friends...haha mwahugs! lab yah! napagod ako today bru whole afternoon
    kami ng swimming eh.. tan na ako! hahahaha...

  16. hmmmmm.. for mr/ms. anonymous. that person prolly get offended, may it think that you were talking generally and not for your own stances... leave it.. as long as you are doing nothing bad...


  17. Hi Maxi! Left a message for our anonymous commenter, on my site but so far no reaction. Anyway my sweet friend hope all is well with you. Your blogger friends are behind you. Our anonymous commenter is now in trouble because our Boss 'D seems to have something under his sleeve regarding this incident. There might be another match-up coming because of this! :-)

    Take care Maxi! Hope you're Having a Happy Easter!

    I'm sure David gave you the Neno's Award but I wannted to give it to you again yo thank you for your continued support inspite of this controversy.


  18. When something gets you down, turn that frown upside down and... Well, that's all I've got. I was never very good at rhyming. That's more Dave's thing, but anyway the Anonymous guy was just looking to cause trouble. What you should do is take everything he wrote and just brush it off your shoulder. He's just mad because he's nowhere near the writer you are!

    Have a Happy Easter!

  19. Friendship, hayaan mo na yun O:-) we are on your side. We know you as sweet, helpful and i dont see any problem sa sinulat mo. You are entitled to your own opinion. That GIRL was affected because she is one of them. Actually, I have nothing against THEM but tha fact that she over reacted and blur out the "idiot"word! That one is FOUL!!!

    She was so brave to let those words come out but dont have enough courage to post her name =-X

    Cheers!! lab u friendship! :*

  20. Natawa ako , ginawa pang pagkain ang ang mga prosti =-X :-[ Where there is demand, there is a supply =-X naalala ko tuloy ang aking subject sa college na social economics 8-) =-X

  21. welcome bru. it's the least i could do. sayang nga kasi i can't vote more than once. but i know maraming bumoto sa iyo. i love kaya your article. galing!

    labyah, too! i am more than okey now. thanks for uplifting my spirit. hihi

  22. thanks Nova. yup. that's the way i look into it right now. for as long as i wasn't doing anything bad, i shouldn't be affected at all.

    have a great day, Novz! :)

  23. really, Ron??? haha. i will be looking forward to the next BWE episode. hehe sounds fun, right?

    thank you for dropping by here again, ron! i am feeling a lot better now. thank you so much for being so nice and being a great person that you are.

    see you around! :)

    will be visiting your blog now... :-D

  24. hey Paul! so happy you're here. gosh gosh.

    thanks... that's what i am doing right now... trying to forget this person , trying o turn the frown onto a smile. :-D

    well, you are a good writer, too just like your (our) friend 'd!

    take care Paul! see you around!

  25. hehe. okey na ako Tamz... i just wrote this one down to let out the emotions i had upon reading his/her reply on my comment.

    thanks for being a nice person as always! mwha

  26. haha! ginawang food? katawa ka talaga! :)

  27. Scotty's Princess12 April 2009 at 23:56

    Hey Maxi! I hear you!

    You retorted back with grace which made the Anonymous commenter look like an idiot and I salute you there. Calling names or putting labels to people is uncalled for. He/ She even doesn't have the balls to make her/ his identity known. That shows what kind of person that anonymous commenter is. No etiquette, no manners.

    Well, shrug your shoulders off! You did well and we are behind you!
    :) :) :) :) :) :)

  28. Hello maxi. I heard the disturbing noise through tammy. I commented on her blog but I want to share this to you too:

    Indeed, blog is a way of free expression but this shows that it is free of criticisms too. I had that bad opinion from an anonymous on a different issue. It is truly hurting but some people are idiot themselves. Hahhahahah!

    Prostitution is always a choice. We see it in different perspective especially if religion or economics is at stake. BUt, I would rather find another odd decent job. I guess, some people would rather want an easy way for easy money. Then, it is their choice too. BUt, anonymous had made a good point about the real cause of prostitution only that I dont agree with him calling maxi an idiot. Grrrr! That is pretty insensitive and immature and really uncalled for. Nag-aral ba xa? grrrrr!

    There is nothing wrong with your comment maxi, only that this person has a different perception about this "career." I guess you simply touched a sore spot in him/her making him/her revolt.

    Take care my friend. mwa!

  29. thanks Scotty Princess! i'm all fine now especially with the support from gret friends like you. thank you so much.

    have a great day!! :)

  30. dearest rosilie, thanks for coming over my blog and leaving a wonderful moving comment. huhu :'( touch ulit!

    i am honestly over the issue na. sa dami ba naman ng friends ko gaya mo who are always there to lift me up when i am feeling down, naku! yung isang anonymous commenter na yun eh erased na sa system ko. hehe.

    ingat ka lagi. just visited your blog and will visit again bukas.

    again, salamat Rosilie! :)

  31. :-P oo friendship... ksi naalala ko.. sbi ni titser.. basic needs ng tao ay food, shelter taz clothing. Pag tumaas ang demand ng tao sa isang produkto , tataas naman ang suppy! =-X hehehe

    muahugs... dropping by before ko adto sa mall.. :*

  32. I agree with everybody here Maxi. Each person is entitled to their on opinion. If you are going to be name calling at least have the dignity to put your name on the comment so they can respond back to you. When you leave your name out you look so childish and look like the idiot. I will back you 100% my friend. We are all behind you Maxi you have friends here in the blogsphere. ;)

  33. haha! you're so funny and kikay bah! thanks for making me smile! enjoy the mall! :)

  34. yup Bill... thanks for the support here! i felt a bit bad but after reading my friends and your comment, i am now back with a smile on my face.

    again, thanks Bill for backing me up wit this one. have a great day! ;)


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