My Blogger Award Trophy

by - Friday, April 10, 2009

Just right after creating my latest post on my HealthnBeyond.com blog, I have received a surprise at once... a blogger trophy from Meryl, a new found blogger friend who have been addicted to tagging me most of the time. Thank you so much Meryl for remembering my name on tags. I really appreciate the friendship!

Fortunately, blugging 'D tagged me with this one, too! He's a lot quicker than me! Well, I will not be taking away your name of my list of being tagged!
Here's the award! (Drum roll, please...):
Now it's time for me to pass this award to Twinks, 'D, Tammy, Gagay, Nova, Lynn and Frank!

P.S. Thank you Frank for mentioning my Doogie Howser post on your space!

And just seconds away, Lynn (who has been continuously supporting both of my blogs) also tagged me with these two pretty awards. A new friend, ENScognito (thank you very much), also tagged me with the Blogger Award Frienship:
Thank you so much, Lynn and Ens! I really appreciate the friendship!

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  1. thanks maxi! ;) you deserved that award coz you are sooo loved by the people here in blogosphere too :*
    at talagang may drum roll pa talaga diba ...hehe. ang cute naman ;)

    thanks again sis :*

  2. hehe! oo nga... may drum roll pa talaga!

    thank you ulit Meryl!!! saya saya!!! :)

  3. I completely agree with Meryl that you are indeed loved by so many bloggers. Since we crossed paths, you have become one of my favorite on-line bloggers.

    I will add your name in my Awards Case as mentioning me for the award which is my own rule for anyone that does that as you know.

    Yeah, I wanted to combine a couple of awards that I could post quickly. The 100 Truths one you gave me as well as the 50 questions that Jane tagged me with takes a little more time. Plus, I still have that Captured Tag from Tammy to do which I'm going to upload a new photo for hopefully this weekend. Of course, I'll likely be tagged more before then! :-D

    Thanks as always and have a great weekend my dear blugging friend!;):)

  4. you're really getting more and more famous every day, 'D! you are also loved by many... obviously!

    yup. i understand. those tags are really long so take your time. no rush!

    have a great night blugging 'D! :)

  5. mawnin sis!

    you're very much welcome. hehe. and thank u for the award too. gonna grab it soon. mwahugs! :*

  6. you're welcome, Lynn! thank you din for the friendship, ha! :*

  7. Hi Maxi! how are you doing now my friend? Just remember that I will be on your side of the ring no matter what. I'll even be your waterboy. :-)

    Have your link on my site for Neno's Award which I know David has already given you. Still want to include you to thank you for being such a good and thoughtful blugger friend.

    Thanks for being such a good sport Maxi!

  8. hello Ron! thanks for being such a great friend. honestly, nakakaiyak :'( ha! hehe.

    waterboy? naku... di pwede. papatayin ako ng girlfriend mo noh! hehe. di daw kasi pwedeng gawing waterboy ang mga handsome people eh. taga palakpak ka lang! hehe.

    oo nga. i wil be adding the Neno's award here tonight or tomorrow. thank you rin for being again --- one of my nicest friends here. never thought that i will find so many true people here. see you around! :)

  9. it may too me days, to grabbed this award but super happy to hear and flattered that you have considered me as once.. thanks once again maxi...


  10. you are welcome Nova! i do have problems grabbing the awards from my friends and posting them here. i'm a busy person too that's why i can't grab everything at once. but i am glad that my friends understand that and do not force me to do it at once.

    thanks friends!

    as for you miss pretty nova - no rush! take your time. just my way of saying thank you for all the support and the friendship... :)

  11. hello sis. here to grab the award na. thanks again. and thank u for the friendship too. mwahugs! :*

  12. hello Lynn! thank you sa paggrab ng award, ha. will take a look at it on your page soon! mwah


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