Cheers TV Show!

by - Sunday, April 05, 2009

How are you coping up with life's stress? Is everything okey or not (yet) so?

I was sitting in front of the telly sometime in January, bored - figuring out what to do, when I captured a familiar face. It was Woody Harrelson! He was one of the casts of the famous TV comedy series called Cheers which marked his television debut . The show began on 1982 and was able to capture the hearts of the viewers. I never thought that I'd love Cheers as it's an old comedy show! However, after several episodes, I got myself glued onto it. I started looking forward to the next episode!

Another thing which I really love about Cheers is the themesong itself. Why? Listen to this one and take some time to go through the lyrics as well:

Isn't it good to go somewhere after a long day at work/school where people know you? I mean, you don't need to be popular or so but at least, you can go to a place where you can just sit down with people and talk about anything about life - may it be about success, sorrow, happiness, pain, plans, emptiness - just anything!

I remember some places in the Philippines where I go to after stressful school and work days where I meet up with my friends. We just sit there for some hours talking, chit chatting and exchanging ideas about this and that. I love to go to a place where almost everybody knows my name!

Anyway, see you again later guys. I want to pause awhile and listen to the themesong of Cheers!

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  1. just added this blog in my friends list Maxi, hoping you do the same

    good morning

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  2. thank you. i will be adding your blog to both of my blogs. thank you so much Amy! appreciate it! :) :) :)

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  3. hi maxi...i will add you ..syempre sis malakas ka sakin eh :*
    later or tomorrow ako maga-update ng list coz family day kapag weekends medyo bc-busyhan..madalas kami sa inlaws pag weekends.. i will let you know if na add ko na ;)

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  4. i just figured out na we've been visiting each other's blogs palagi but did not think about exchanging links. hehe.

    thanks, Meryl! added your blog here already! have a great day! :)

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  5. Cheers is an American Classic without question. I still remember the last episode when it first aired when the lights were turned off. You could sense that a generation had ended on the set. You got the same feeling when other shows like M*A*S*H and Seinfeld went had their last shows.

    Thanks for putting up the BWE Throwdown! banner. It will be one great event!:)

    Later my dear blugging friend!;):)

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  6. i understand what you mean. i honestly did not like it at first. i thought it was too old for me. but after a few episodes, i found it so interesting and funny to watch! really makes my day.

    oh, i only saw a few episodes of seinfeld but will surely watch some more episodes especially that i now have the complete edition and seasons of seinfeld. got them on sale!

    you're welcome blugging 'D! it will surely be a great event! looking forward to it! :) :) :)

    Recent blog post: Cheers TV Show!

  7. i'm not sure i've heard about the comedy series, but i'm pretty sure i know him... good actor..

    would you mind exchanging links with me?here's my links.


    please message me if you want.

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  8. Friendship, gi copy paste and edit ko yung tag :D ang haba.hehehe! Ang cute ng icons/smiley :)) di ko tinggal :)) I met angie again today.. I went to Davao ksi.

  9. yah sure. i will exlinks with you. just give me an hour or so kasi may gagawin lang for awhile. thanks for the interest ha. i really appreciate it! have a great day, Nova! :)

    Recent blog post: Cheers TV Show!

  10. i've read it na. interesting naman kasi ang mga sagot eh! thanks for grabbing the tag. i enjoyed reading it. and yup. cute ng smileys, noh? hehe. i want to meet angie, too one day. she seems to be a real nice girl...

    miss ko na DAvao!!!! >:o

    Recent blog post: Cheers TV Show!

  11. I leave a comment of the post of Tam in the blog...
    Read my comment...hehehe...

  12. ui. hehe. thank you for leaving the link. will visit it after this! thanks Angie! :)

  13. hola te!!! ill add you as soon as ill be feelin better! thanks for the add te! ;)

  14. huh? what happened? sick ikaw? will visit your blog now to check how you're doing. wawa naman! :(

  15. i'm taking everything lightly, sis. i try to relax and think of happy thoughts para di ma stress. hee hee.

  16. oo nga. ako rin. nakakastress kasi talaga minsan ang life bah!

    thanks for dropping by, Lynn! :)


  17. Hello there Max! Nothing is more relaxing than watching a comedy classic.

    Thanks for constantly dropping by. :-) You are a sweetheart!

  18. true. last night, i was sitting in front of the telly watching 2 and ½ men. hehe. i was really laughing out loud!

    you're welcome you also never forget to visit my blogs plus you are a great online friend so you are more than welcome!

    sorry if i comment to much and too long sometimes. hehe. that's me! :)


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