Five Awesome Awards From Awesome People!

by - Friday, April 03, 2009

Got five more friendship recognitions the past days/weeks! Yippee!!!

Let's start with the Smart Blogger Award. Got two of this from my blugging friend 'D and the sexy and charming Meryl.Second: Neno's Award from the sweetest SweetShelo on blogosphere.
Third: The Captured Tag from my everdearest blogger friend Tamz and real life best buddy Twinks!

"When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!"(Taken sometime in June 2008 while on a picnic with my boyfriend. Just dancing around like a crazy, out-of-this-world woman.)

Fourth: Sisterhood award from (again) Shelo.
Fifth and hopefully, not the last: I Love Your Blog Award again from the tandem of Meryl and the famous 'D!
Thank you all for the awards and recognition! You have made my existence in the blogging world more colourful and a lot happier!

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  1. Maxi, congrats on all the awards. As I've always said to you, you post them when you and how you want. I'm just glad you acknowledge them when you do.

    BTW, one of the tags I have in line to do is that "Captured Tag" which Tammy tagged me for, too.

    Always great to see your name mentioned by more than one person all the time, and you are indeed so well-loved in the blogging community.

    Have a great evening my dear blugging friend!;):)

    Recent blog post: Smart Blogger Award

  2. well.. i still believe you are more loved than I am. but at least, still loved by many!

    i really treasure the friendship bloggers like you and me and many more have formed after a short amount of time.

    i will wait until you do the captured tag! really love it, too. hehe.

    have a great day blugging friend 'D!!!

    Recent blog post: Know Who's Calling - It Saves Time And Energy

  3. Forgetful princess4 April 2009 at 16:02

    Congrats sa 5 awards...Thanks for posting the captured tag :-)

    Take a look at this post :Dhehehehe

    thank u po.


  4. aw.. touch naman ako sa post mo. you are welcome very very much!

    congrats ulit for getting your PR back! proud of yah!

    mwah :)

    Recent blog post: Where's Dr. Doogie Howser These Days?

  5. Hello Bru. Dami mong awards sis! You definitely deserve all of them.
    Thanks for the mention. mwahugs!
    Hahaha.. nalingaw ko sa imong pic..always BALIW MAYE! hahaha.. mapa Pinas man o mapa Sweden..hahaha =-O =-O :-D :-D

    Recent blog post: I'm CAPTURED! **

  6. shhh. hehe. baliw jud, noh? i was supposed to do the tags one in each post. kaya lang, couldn't cope up lalo na when i was so busy preparing for the exam.

    thanks also for tagging me. i really appreciate it so much!

    ahhh! can't wait to see you na ba!

    Recent blog post: Where's Dr. Doogie Howser These Days?

  7. hahaha... all and forever baliw Bru. ;-) I'm like that sometimes Bru,
    I do all tags and awards in one post. Dili man jud makaya usahay oi..
    hehehe.. You're always welcome.
    Me too! can't wait to see yah na! yeey..i better shed some more fats kay
    ulaw kaayo! hahahaha ;-) >:o

  8. ay sus! ayaw pag shed ug fat ui.. ganahan na gani ko sa body nimo. ikaw jud!

    ay... unta daghan rambutan when i get home. i want to eat tons and tons of it! hihihi. ;)

    Recent blog post: Cheers TV Show!

  9. I gained weight man gud bru lalo na when I was in Bahrain. As in jud. I
    want to bring back yong body ko before..hopefully..pero hard work
    Let's hope na Rambutan season pag abot nimo diri para kaon ta daghan
    rambutan. hihihi... makamiss mga Pinoy foods no? hehehe :-D :-P

  10. for sure. miss ko na gani freshly baked pandesal! bananaQ, zagu, pork BBQ where we usually eat in GenSan, takoyaki, mangga cebu, rambutan and many more! hihi.

    ah basta for me, sexy and pretty ka na. one thing more.. i always wish na yung skin ko, kasing ganda ng skin mo. huhu. balat kalabaw yata ako eh. :'( :'( :'(

    Recent blog post: Cheers TV Show!

  11. don't they have any filipino products there bru or restaurants? kasi dun
    sa Bahrain, they have loads and it helped for me not to miss pinoy foods
    that much. arab country nga sya pero meron pork bbq eh..hehehe :-) yon
    nga lang, fruit wise eh there's none available from Pinas. YOu know
    naman our fruits here, so yummy esp the mangoes si ba?
    awww...ikaw talaga bru, skin nga dyan! di yata balat kalabaw ano! bruha!
    morena nga ikaw eh...nice nga skin mo.. hoist c baliw mapeng eh
    dalagang-dalaga na..hehehe... :-) :-P
    Good morning bru! mwahugs!

  12. yup. have seen some photos of mapeng.dalaga na talaga! happy for her and in love ha! hehe.

    they do have pinoy stuff here. kaya lang, di na sya fresh. gusto ko yung katulad sa pinas.. laking fresh yung fruits, veggies and meats! i miss nga rin pala bangus! fave ko yun eh!

    and yummy talaga mangoes sa atin bru!

    ah.. good for you. at least, di mo masyadong na miss ang pinoy food while nasa bahrain ka. dito, super miss ko na!

    have a great day, bru. as always, miss yah na! :)

    Recent blog post: Cheers TV Show!

  13. great awards here Maxi i was just looking through some of your old posts and seen you captured pic very sexy ;) 8-). You look like you were having fun.

  14. oh. i really was having fun! hihi. thanks bill for noticing that!


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