How To Add A Feedburner Email Subscription Widget To Your Blog

by - Saturday, April 11, 2009

This post is a request from a friend who wants to add a Feedburner e-mail subscription form on her blog. As I've promised you, here it issenyum!
  • Sign in to your Google account. (If you have multiple Google accounts, be sure to sign in to that account where you have your feed burned.)

  • Go to your My Account section.

  • Click the Feedburner section.
  • Click your burned feed (I am using my other blog's "HealthnBeyond.com" feed as an example here).
  • Go to Publicize then Email Subscriptions.
  • Copy the code given to you by Feedburner.
  • Paste the code to your Blogger Layout (Blogger Dashboard --> Layout --> Add A Gadget --> HTML/JavaScript --> Paste the code --> Save) and you're donetepuktangan!

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  1. thx for ur info :-D

  2. you are very much welcome ayas!

  3. salamat, thanks, tack! :) :)

  4. That is nice of you maxi to share what you know about blogging and adding stuff with clear instruction.Good tutor! have a haapy easter!

  5. welcome Shy! anytime! :)

  6. thanks Shydub. i just want to make everyting as simple as possible because not everyone's really good at stuffs like this. i used to have loads of problems before adding widgets and all. it was difficult when one can't help easy instructions. so i hope with the aid of photos, bloggers, even the beginners can easily understand what to do and how to do things.

    have a great day!

  7. Hola Maxi! Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you had a great time! And ok to the link exchange, do let me know when you've added me to your blog and I'll ad you to mine as well, thanks again and have a terrific day!

    Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery

  8. wow! the famous Mariuca has been on my blog! yehey!

    you're one of the most popular bloggers and just dropping by my blog is a priviledge! thanks1

    will add your link to my blogroll after finishing some posts.

    have a great day1 :)


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