How To Add Smileys To Your Blogger Posts

by - Thursday, April 09, 2009

I have been seeing so many blogs with Smileys on their sengihnampakgigiposts. I guess the first time I've seen one is on Twinks' (a real life friend since college) blog. That very moment has marked my desire on one day using Smileys on my blog. However, due to my very hectic schedule in school with all the tests and projects, I have decided to postpone googling about how I can possibly install them in my blog posts. (I was a bit shy to ask Twinks for help on this one malu)

Anyway, if you also want to add some fun onto your blog, here's a tutorial on how you can simply add those cute smileys on your blog posts. By the way, you can only install these emoticons when you are using Firefox. This will not work (as of the moment) with Internet Explorer.

1.) Open your Firefox browser then visit the Greasemonkey add-ons.

2.) Click the Add to Firefox button.

3.) Another window will open. Click the Install Now button.

4.) Restart your Firefox browser.

***To know if you have successfully installed the Greasemonkey add-ons, check for this icon at the right hand corner (bottom most) part of your screen. If the icon's there after restarting your browser, you are then ready to proceed to step number 5.kenyit

5.) Open this Javascript file and click the Install button.

6.) Login to your blogger account. Go to the Layout section then Edit HTML.

7.) Look for the code ]]> (use Ctl+F to easily locate this one) and add this CSS code just above the ]]>

img.emoticon {
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
border: 0;

8.) DON'T click Save Template at once. Click the Preview button first. If everything seems to be okey (meaning, no "Your template could not be parsed...." message appears upon preview), then you can now save your template.

To check if everything's working, proceed to the Create (Dashboard --> New Post) section and see if the Smileys are on the control panel. Your Create Post section should look like this:That's it! Have fun with your Smileysmenari!

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  1. I done this already but it was so funny because supposed to be in my first blog will appear the icon but I find out when I log in in my second blog there I found out that it works there the icon not the one I supposed to put the icon :-D.. ANyway thanks sa info.

  2. hehe. now you know how to do it, Lynn! go place it on your blog! :)

  3. you are welcome angie!

  4. hehe. lagay mo narin sa isa mo pang blog. hehe.

    you're welcome Shy! :)

  5. yup. bru. tried jud nako to figure it out on my own. ulaw ko ask imo ui. hehe :-[

    next time bru, will surely ask you for help!

    hope nakasleep ka ug taas taas bru! labyah! mwah :*

  6. I dont know where i'd go wrong pero the smileys wont appear in the new post section....waaaaaaaa....huhuhuhu...i'll try it again though....i can see geasemonkey on my browzer na...huhuhu

  7. Hmmm. weird. The smilies aren't working? Did you place the given code just above the ]]> ? If not, it will not really work.

    Sana oks na Trelms :)

  8. I am sorry I am new to blogging and I was unable to get this to work. (I do have greasemonkey installed and on the bottom corner of my screen) Is there possibly a different way to do this now since we have new templates and the Template Designer?
    Thank you so very much! Have a happy and safe 4th!


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