A Funny Performance And One Amazing Voice On Sweden's Got Talent

by - Friday, April 24, 2009

I was watching Talang 2009 (Sweden's Got Talent 2009) a week ago enjoying one performance to another when I got shocked by the talent of these four young boys who went up on stage wearing (only) bathrobes. When they started performing in front of the audience, I was really shocked. However, in a matter of seconds I found myself laughing ! Anyway, with no further ado, here's the Nakendans med Knäckebröd (Naked Dance with Crispbread) video so you can laugh along...

Well, they've won the smile of the viewers and most importantly, the judges. These young boys went home with three "greens" from the judges.

I am just wondering what they'll be doing the next time they're on stage. We'll see!

Another unexpected talent has been performed by Erik Linder. Erik works as a delivery guy and has honestly admitted that he doesn't dream of sitting in the delivery vehicle for the rest of his life that's why he has taken his chance on this audition. He says that all he ever wants to do is to sing and sing and sing. Watch the video and you'll know why...

Anyway, the judge who pushed the red button changed his decision at the end. The judge however requested Erik to sing again (at 4:50 of the video) without the recorded second voice (which was also Erik's) before turning his "red" decision into "green". Erik also went home with three "greens" from the judges and of course, the admiration of almost everyone here in Sweden.

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  1. yikes.. funny and hilarious..thanks for sharing this one maxi, it brings smile and laughter to my gloomy face..


  2. I'm not sure that what those boys did qualifies as talent but they are brave to show off their nice butts!!

  3. hahahahahaa :-D this is so funny...

  4. Maxi ... OMG ... the guys were funny. Definitely a good way for me to start my day ... thanks for sharing.

    I finally got around to getting your sites up on mine ... sorry for the delay ... and will be posting about your award soon (probably next week).

    Meanwhile, keep David F on his toes. ha ha

  5. ay. nova. super funny talaga! i was really laughing all the way! hihi. :)

  6. oo nga. but they really made the crowd and judges laugh. and also got everybody's attetion which is really important in such competitions.

    have a great day modernmom! :)

  7. hello trixie! true. really very funny!!! :)

  8. hello frank! sorry if i haven't been around your blog the past days. i have been really busy in school. i hope to finish all the projects so i can return to blogging...

    thanks for adding my blogs to your blogroll. i really appreciate it so much... will add your blog to my blogs later.. i swear!!!

    again, thanks for a very nice friend! :)

  9. No problem Maxi as I know how life can keep us busy!

  10. LOL Maxi!!!! Thanks for the early morning laugh here! :-D :-D :-D :-D

  11. hello Frank! yup. life can be really busy.

    oh. i've added your blog to both of my blogs' blogroll yesterday. thanks again for the add. :-D

  12. oh my gosh... the great mariuca is on my site! gosh gosh

    you are just one of the most famous bloggers i've ever known so thanks for dropping by my site and leaving some comments. i really appreciate it! :)

  13. Hahahahaha its cute but they did not perfected the hiding of their dingis hehehe... I like the braveness in them lol..


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