New Pair Of Red Shoes

by - Friday, April 03, 2009

I have promised myself to pause my shopping mode for awhile. However, whenever I get to find something which really catches my attention, it is difficult to say no to temptation. A new addition to my watch collection is my new Levi's watch which has been delivered just this morning. You can read more about it here.

Well, last week while I was going through pages of shoes online, my attention got caught again on this specific pair of flat shoes. I tried to forget about it and skipped the page. However, since I couldn't seem to successfully put it behind me, I ended up ordering the right size for me. Two days ago, I had the new pair of red shoes delivered.

I honestly love the shoes and I can't wait to wear them. I just need to wait for the summer season to be here and I can already enjoy having this pair on my feet. Soon... soon!

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  1. I knew you couldn't resist shopping bru!
    hahaha.. when I saw the post title..I knew it na dayon! hahaha..
    I so heart the new red shoes bru!!! flat as usual..love it!
    Btw, last month, me with baliw mapeng and te eva went to the mall, tried some new shoes with no plans of buying. hahaha.. you know na already! we ended up buying new pair of sandals! Baliw mapeng didn't. You know the reason...no size! :-E :-E

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  2. haha! funny naman and kainggit. hope i can go with you, too!

    yup. difficult to say no especially if you really want it. oh for the record... i did not shop anything for a month! i did it, bru! it was difficult but i surpassed the temptations. hehe.

    thanks again for dropping by, bru... antok na ako... zzz. labyah! :)

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