Ovah' Coffee - At PR1?

by - Saturday, April 04, 2009

It's almost 2 am here in Sweden and while being so happy for Tamz' success (congrats!) on getting her PR back (PR2), I have decided to check this blog's (Ovah' Coffee) pagerank. I only have done it out of fun and curiosity. With much surprise, Ovah' Coffee has now reached it's PR1 rating.

As always, I just followed the steps I took for my HealthnBeyond.com blog. I have actually published about this one to give tips to my fellow bloggers. You can read more about the tips here.

Anyway, here's the screenshot from PRchecker.info:I will check this again tomorrow. Maybe I am just so sleepy and already dozing off that's why I am possibly just seeing things. Anyway, true or not, I am going to bed tonight (this morning, I mean) with a smile on my face... Night night fellow bloggers! See you all again tomorrow!

Again, I want to thank all my blogging and "blugging" friends who are never selfish to help me strengthen this blog. I consider you all my angels! I owe all my success to you!

By the way, congratulations to 'D for reaching PR3! You deserve it!

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  1. Congrats on your PR1 ranking!:)

    That is a big accomplishment considering how often you had to fix your site up and tend to your classes as well as other things off the internet that prevented you from posting as much on here.

    And while you always use laziness to describe you sometimes(which you know I play along with sometimes, too), you really have worked very hard to maintain your sites and it shows. You are so well-respected and loved by many bloggers for a reason. Also, you have many followers on your HNB site because people genuinely care for you. As I keep saying, I'm proud to call you a great on-line friend and of your success.

    And thanks for the mention of my blog and informing of my PR3. I did check it about two weeks when you made that post about your PR dropping on the HNB site.

    I do want to be clear. I don't blog for PR, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy about where it is now. And if it weren't for you, I probably would have went a good while without knowing about it.

    I truly appreciate the way you help us bloggers and how much you go out of your way for people even in busy or stressful times in your life. Trust me, it doesn't go unnoticed by me.

    Have a great night my very dear and sweet blugging friend!;):)

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  2. Forgetful princess4 April 2009 at 13:48

    Friendship, hindi ko pa personally nakita yung PR2 ko.lolz
    Sabi lng ng sister ko na its back that is why i have new opps na..hehehe

    Congrats to your new blog may PR1 na agad.

    Pano ba ilalagay yang parang box na may PR1..hehehe

  3. you're welcome 'D! it's not much actually. all i can say now is that i am happy for you.

    take care my dear blugging friend... :)

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  4. when you mentioned about getting your PR back, i checked it. and was so happy that it's really back! you deserve that PR Tamz! at least, mas lalong tumaas ang level of happiness mo!

    yung box na yang with PR1? just print screen, paste it on your PAINT worksheet then crop/edit the size tapos, you save it. yun na yun. hehe. dali lang naman.

    did you check na your email with your badges? :)

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  5. Here is the link of angie:


  6. thanks Tamz. visited her blog already. left a comment, too and i guess followed as well.

    have a great saturday! :) :)

    Recent blog post: Keep Skin Healthy And Younger Looking With Resurgence Regimen

  7. wow! good for u, sis. congratulations! u deserve it. :)

    anyways, of course sis, we can xlinks. and i've actually added u already not just in my 2 blogs, but in my 3. hope ok lang. hehe. happy sunday! mwahugs! :*

    Recent blog post: What a Day!

  8. hehehe.ok :-) Have a nice weekend po :-)

  9. have a nice weekend, too!!! :)

  10. thank you... ay! super okey. hehe. done adding your three blogs here in Ovah' Coffee and healthnbeyond.com blogs ko.

    again, thanks for being a friend! take care always! :)

    Recent blog post: Where's Dr. Doogie Howser These Days?

  11. aww congrats sa iyong PR 1,miss Max. happy for you. btw just dropping here :-D

  12. thank you. really happy bout it.

    will drop by your blog after posting this comment! :)

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  13. hello sis!
    Thanks for the visit. Got my PR back too but from 2, nagzero, then ngayon 1. Pero ok na rin kesa 0 diba.hahhahaha! Congrats to us! Tc. Sana makapunta ka sa amin, lapit lang naman Davao - Gensan. Ingats!

    Recent blog post: Our Fashion Store Goes on Mall Exhibit Rolling

  14. hello Ruz! thanks for dropping by here today. congrats din sa iyong PR! happy for you.

    oo nga really want to go back to gensan. kahit na ilang days lang. have been there before and actually worked at SEH (st. elizabeth hosp.) for almost 2 years. laging toxic but i sure do miss the place! :)

    Recent blog post: L'Oreal Derma Genesis Facial Lotion

  15. thoughts of a sahm6 April 2009 at 01:09

    congrats for your pr i've lost my in my other blogs and i didn't gain it back again. Though this blog has a pr1 for few months and i hope mr google will update it and give a higher rank

    Recent blog post: Palm Sunday

  16. i sure hope you get back your PR, too. ganun talaga. PR goes up and down. sana nga lang, laging up. but it's not eh.

    again, let's hope for the best. sana, you'll get your PR na soon.

    have a great day! :)

    Recent blog post: Cheers TV Show!

  17. hello Max,
    thanks for informing me your new blog.. but first ..congratulation of being PR1. Happy to know your success, a successful blogger forever.
    Thanks pod sa pag add nimo nko dri..I will surely comeback and visit you anytime basta naa lang jud koy time hehe..peks man hhehe.

    Max, about Dental care, mas mahal diay sa ato ang tooth implant, na wa man pod ko kasulay ana oi. basta everytime we go to davao, magpa dental cleaning jud me to save some money..kay mahal man dri.
    Then last year nagpabunot og pa cleaning ko, worth of 1,200php.
    while dri naka pa cleaning sad ko og nag pa pasta it cost more than 3,000 crown. mahal no.. wala sad ko patabang og FK ana kay maulaw man si bana oi hehe.

    This time kani ng pa root canal, naa koy filipina friend dri nga naka pa root filling napod, gi tabangan sad siya sa FK. I asked my hubby about it, nga magpatabang ko kay mahal oi, maayo nalang unta kung maka save, ako ni laging pug son kay maulaw man pod ko kng akoy mosulti sa FK maayong siya kay born taga sweden jud hehe.

    tell me be. giunsa diay to imo... nag asked mo sa imo denstist kung pwede ka tagaan help sa FK? paki share daw kay sus wa jud ko knowledge ana hehe. TY

  18. hello Max,
    Salamat... tama jud diay ako bana.. He told me righ after sa dentist na deducted na daw tong akong gibayaran.. atomatic na daw.. But I did not believed ni insist pa jud ko kay gidakuan pko sa bayad hehe. I forced him to kontak FK pero dili siya ky mao na daw to maolaw daw siya hehe mao diay...sus kalooy ni bana nko oi, ako man gipugos hehe.
    tama jud diay to, last week kadtong didto ko sa dentist ambot giunsa nila ako ngipon nga gi anestisyahan man we paid 950.
    so karon daw May, during na sa akong root canal filling 2,600 crown daw ako bayaran. Hubby told me discounted na daw. mura mag paminaw nko dako..hahay hehe.

    cge.. visit you again next time kay tv time napod.. salamat sa sharing dala chicka hehe.
    god bless.

  19. Hi Maxi...
    Salamat sa pagvisit sa blog ko...
    We talk about you yesterday...Me and Tam..
    We met again here in Davao.
    Sabi niya taga dito ka daw....:) :) :)

    She said your the one who help her about the PR.
    I have no idea about that...hehehe
    Akin lang mgblog lan ako masaya na ako...hehehe
    Maipalabas ko ang mga hinanakit ko okey na ako...

    Yong pic ko sa talikod island yon,dito sa samal...

    Maraming Salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko...
    I really appreciate that...
    You are reaching to me...
    I feel so important and special...
    Thank you...thank.. thank you....

  20. hhehe. oo ate weng, automatic deduction. hehe. at least kabalo na ka. dili na nimo pugson si hubby nimo nga magpadiscount kay discounted naman. ehhe.

    thank you pud ate weng sa sharing and chika! enjoy ko bah!

    good luck sa imong root canal filling. unta mabawasan pa ang presyo - himala! :)

  21. sus! touch naman ako. hihi. tammy always tells me about you kaya curious ako and since i'm from davao, too, i was wondering if we could possibly meet one day kapag nandiyan ako.

    wow. talikod island? heard a lot about that place. ganda daw jan. sana makavisit din ako. mahal kaya?

    oo nga ako rin, this blog is just about my WANTS, HOPES and DREAMS in life. kasama na failures. hehe. unexpectedly, nagkaPR din. extra happiness naman. heheh.

    will visit your blog every now and then. ay, buti pa, exlinks nalang tayo para mas mabisita ko blog mo often.

    have a great day, Angie! :)

  22. congrats sa pr mo :-D ;) i notice ako lng ang mabba ang comment lol.

  23. ui. thanks! okey lang kahit na di mahaba comment mo. happy narin ako kasi nag comment ka. hehe. :)

    trevlig påsk! :)


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