Susan Boyle In Britain's Got Talent 2009

by - Monday, April 13, 2009

Since it's a Sunday today, my boyfriend and I are just being lazy sitting in front of the tv watching films and one tv show after another the whole day. Remembering that Britain's Got Talent 2009 is airing their first episode, we have made it sure not to miss the competition.

As expected, there have been so many participants auditioning with hopes to win the judges' hearts. Unfortunately, many have been sent home with broken hopes but there's this one woman who has surprised not just me and my boyfriend but everybody who has watched her deliver her act.

Susan Boyle Sings on Britain's Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 @ Yahoo! Video

In all honesty, I was in tears while watching Susan sing. When the audience and the judges stood up in disbelief and admiration, I saw something in her - that there is always this bright side in each and everyone of us waiting to be heard, shown and shared to the world. Susan Boyle ,47 is a living proof of the saying, "Don't (and never) judge a book by its cover!"

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  1. Very intense indeed Max. With a touching song from Les Miserables a beautiful voice, a perfect pair!

  2. true, Ron. i was really touched. huhu. :'(

    thanks for coming over and watching the video!

  3. maayo pa ka sis, naa pa time to watch.hahhahahaha! Nothing is more special and relaxing than watching a good movie with a loved one. hmnnnn.

  4. oo nga rosilie! enjoy ui. ikaw man gud sige negosyo. actually, inggit ko nimo and your sis bah!hehe.

    have a great day rosilie! thanks for dropping by here. adto ko sa blog nimo karon1 ;)

  5. hi sis, napanood ko to sa you tube. grabe ang galing ng voice nya...tumayo ang balahibo ko.galing! ^_^ nanggagaling talaga sa puso ang pagkanta nya...

  6. yup meryl.. kakatouch no. naiyak nga ako eh. first, pinigilan ko. pero sabi ng boyfriend ko... cry it out! hehe. alam niya kasi na i was trying to stop the tears from falling eh... ang hirap kaya.

    she's got a very great voice!

    thanks meryl for the comment! :)

  7. hello max,
    bitaw no basta sunday i makes us lazy. dugay mo mata kay sunday gud.
    Kami we like to watch tv specially friday and saturday night, then dugay momata sa morning hehe.

    BTW. I created new blog.. its n swedish, maybe good for us nga nag learn sa ilang language.
    I will add your 2blogs there..hope its ok..

  8. a naklimot. my new created blog www.wilma-wheng.blogspot.com
    you can visit me anytime as long as you are free.

  9. true ate weng. kaya lang, naging busy na ako dahil sa dami ng assignments and projects na kailangang tapusin. di masyadong makapag blog... huhu.


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