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by - Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I am a certified coffee addict while my boyfriend (without any doubt) is a tea lover. Our passion for these drinks is the reason behind why we both enjoy tasting different varieties of coffee and tea. I mean, why end our coffee and tea experience when there are more great tastes to sip and explore? As they say, when it comes to these two inviting drinks, the search for the perfect blend to suit our taste buds is limitless.

Sweden is perhaps one of the countries whose obsession to coffee is just beyond compare. It was actually my boyfriend's mom who told me about Flavored K-Cups which her neighbor recommended to her a week ago. After having her first sip of the coffee at her neighbor's place, she immediately fell in love with its taste and aroma.

Eager to get hold of new coffee flavors, she decided to surf the internet a couple of days ago to learn more about the K-Cup Coffee products. After spotting Gloria Jean's Cappuccino Coffee and Green Mountain Coffee's French Vanilla (French Vanilla's her most preferred blend) and Hazelnut Dark Roast, she placed her order at once. She was also surprised that after making her purchase, she was given the chance to choose a complimentary sample pack which is composed of 8 K-Cup Coffee sampler (with four different flavors - 2 samples each) of her choice! She's at the moment waiting for her order to arrive at her doorstep and taste not just 3 new K-Cup Coffee flavors but 7!She has promised to invite me when she finally receives the package which will make my decision making a lot easier when it's time for me to order my K-Cups!

Alpine Valley Coffee, the distributor of K-Cup Coffee and other famous coffee and tea brands follow the Fair Trade Coffee principle which recognizes the importance of the coffee, cocoa and tea farmers by exercising fairness when it comes to pricing, labor conditions, trade and more.

So next time when shopping for coffee, check Alpine Valley Coffee's page to widen your coffee experience. You can also get hold of delicious cups of tea and hot-cocoa from them.

Sit down, relax and enjoy your personal choice of hot drinks from Alpine Valley Coffee!

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  1. mahilig ka pala sa coffee Max? like 3 of my 4 sisters. I am not a coffee drinker nor tea, but I love chocolate drink hehe.
    Hubby loves very mch tea.We have coffee at home for visitors only :)
    Most of swedish people are coffee lover, kahit na sa work, laging nag co coffee :)

    take care

  2. I drink both sometimes. I like espresso or cappuccino. If it is tea it has to be green tea. See ya my friend. :)

  3. Oh I love love coffee. Just having read this post and I am now aching for that sweet bitter taste. (geesh I need to get a life) LOL

  4. I'm a coffee lover too. We are lucky that there are different flavors. I think I need to get a cup now.

  5. Although I'm an infrequent coffee drinker, I know this. Many people, and there's probably a relationship with culture on this, .. but many people simply swallow without tasting. No matter if it's coffee, tea, wine, beer, chocolate, vegetables, or whatever we eat or drink - too many of us do not taste - it's shovel or pour it in and then swallow. It's when we learn to take time to taste is when our world expands.

  6. masarap naman talaga ang kape kaya ako kahit medyo gabi na di ko mapigilan ang sarili ko na di uminom..added ka na po sa site ko :-D :-D :-D

  7. ay ate weng.. love ko talaga ang coffee. masarap kasi eh. hehe. lalo na yung cappuccino. yum yum. di ako mahilig sa tea. di ko matake ang taste. hihi.

    ako rin.. love ko ang chocolate drink. lalo na kapag yung mainit pa. sarap with cookies. :)

  8. i like cappuccino, too bill. when it comes to tea, i don't like any of it. :) :) :)

  9. hehe. i am actually boiling water right now for my coffee while baking chocolate chip cookis. yum yum! :)

  10. true rossel. it's great to taste different coffee varities.. flavours. yum yum talaga. some i like, some i just don't get it. :) :) :)

  11. haha! great point there frank! i know lots of people who do not care what it is they are drinking... for as long they have something to take in in liquid form, it's more than okey for them.

    i used to not care which coffee i had before. but now, i try to taste other varieties, too. as of now, cappuccino is my fave. i also love french vanilla and latte.

    tea? i don't drink it. but i do hope that one day, i'll get to love it, too. :) :) :)

  12. ay, ako rin. sometimes, i still find myself craving for a cup of coffee even during late nights. i love the aroma kasi eh.

    ay, thanks for adding. will add your blog to my blogroll after this. thanks jodi ha! :)

  13. Like coffee too recently.... your blog is getting better and better. happy blogging

  14. palibhasa dito sa atin e umuulan na rin kaya parang masarap na rin ngayon ang kape..habang umuulan e humihihgop ng mainit na kape, ang sarap naman :-D :-D :-D

  15. hello mark! thanks. i'm trying to improve my blog and update my posts every now and then. however, i can't seem to find enough time to concentrate so much on blogging these days due to my hectic schedule in school. maybe after a month or so, i'll be back in the blogging world na.

    thanks for visiting ha. will visit your blog, too! :) :) :)

  16. just like in the nescafe commercials kuya P, diba? i do sometimes buy nescafe here, too. kaya lang, sometimes, i'd like to taste other brands of coffee, too to feed my curiosity. hihi. :)


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