For The Love Of Dancing

by - Friday, May 29, 2009

If dancing makes your world go around, then you are not alone. Me and my brother love to sway our bodies with the beat of music just like you. He loves breakdancing and hip hop while I prefer jazz, ballroom dancing and dance sport. Dancing keeps my body in motion as I consider it an exercise to keep my body in shape. Whether you are into jazz, hip hop, ballet, tap dancing or whatever type of dancing you are into, having the right dancewear with you all the time makes you become a better dancer. Due to this fact, finding the right company which caters the necessary dance supplies you and your team need (if you are dancing with a group) plays a vital role. Dancers must wear the right kind of clothing, shoes, accessories and some other dancing equipments to be efficient in his or her performance.

As of the moment, I only dance at home, following instructional dance videos. I do hope that one day, I can again wear my dancing shoes and perform in front of a huge audience.

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  1. I like to dance also but i like latin dancing like salsa and tango.The sexy dances LOL 8-)


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