I Passed The National Swedish Test!

by - Tuesday, May 05, 2009

After patiently waiting for the result of the National Swedish Test which we took some weeks ago (or had it been a month already), we finally knew this morning who passed and who needed to retake the same subject next semester.

I usually say "with much luck" since I have been used to thinking that most of my achievements are due to what we refer to as good luck ... but this time around, I'm going to say... With much support from my partner, encouragement from my family, appreciation from my teachers and trust from my friends (that's YOU) combined with hard work and determination (plus eyebags and pimples due to staying late at night) --- everything has paid off!

YES!!! I passed the test and the entire course!

Although I still have three projects which I need to submit before the end of this term, my teacher has informed me that I am already one of her students who are given the chance to spread their wings in search for something better for the future.

I will still keep on staying awake for many hours at night finishing my three last projects but now with a happy heart and less stress!

I thank all the wonderful people in my life who have never lose hope in me!

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  1. Congratulations for a job well done ... so keep working hard toward your goal.

  2. thank you so much Frank!!! i will... promise! :)

  3. Okay Bru..am not surprised that you passed...coz I know how smart you are..nonetheless, I still want to congratulate you! mwahugs!!! btw, this 16th na pala ako mgstart uli sa SEH..Bru my sched are like sched ng regular emp..may nagresign kasi eh...but it is okay..hehehe
    Happy Mother's Day to your Mom pala! ikaw naman eh soooooooooonnn..! hehehe..
    lab yah bru! miss yah! :* :*

  4. ay. thank you ha. blush naman ako. hehe.

    ui. work ka na? good luck. i know that you will surely enjoy your days there. the feeling of connecting not just to other hospital staffs, but more importantly, the patients is beyond compare! kaya, go go bru! wish i could join you.. mwah


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