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by - Sunday, May 10, 2009

After passing the Swedish Language National Test , I've decided to create a gift for myself - another blog! I have been busy putting up the page (the layout, the colours, the widgets, etc.) since 08 May 2009. I'm still not yet done with all my school projects. However, I've decided to take a break from all my school worries for a day and shift my focus on starting a new blog. So here's my third blog: Maxi's Pages*.

The blog's almost 90% finished. Still, I feel like there are so much I need to fix especially purchasing my own domain. I'm looking forward to completing everything within two weeks from now.

Feel free to visit my new blog and let me know if you are interested to exchange links with it. I'm gladly looking forward to filling up my blogroll with friends and soon to be friends.

See you there!!!

P.S. After a Swedish friend wrote a message on my Facebook Wall saying:

Janne Gladh
"Wtf is this Woman! Varför skriver du inte på svenska? :)"
(Translation: Why aren't you writing in Swedish?)

I'm already thinking of creating my fourth blog in pure Swedish later... not sure when yet but will surely give the idea a try.

*Update: This blog's title has been changed to The Pastime Shelf*

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  1. WOW! You will be a busy girl. I'll look forward to the reveal of the new blog..it will be in english right? ;)

  2. sounds great, i'm sure it'll be more updates on that page...

  3. congratz on making the 3rd blog.. and good luck

  4. hello mordernmom! yup. the third blog's in english. i am thinking of putting up a swedish blog. but that will be a month from now i guess. i'm not yet that great with the language. hehe.


  5. i hope so too nova. when all my school projects are done... there will surely be loads of updates...

  6. thanks. i really need a huge amount of goodluck.. gosh gosh


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