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by - Saturday, May 30, 2009

My boyfriend's "bestfriend for life" (as they usually refer to each other) is a very dedicated fan of the Miami Dolphins football club. He always makes it a point to never miss a live match. If in cases he can't sit in front of his huge flat screen tv and watch the Dolphins play live, he avoids reading the news as he doesn't want to know the result and spoil his day. He'd rather wait until he gets the chance to watch the replay and see what has taken place during the game himself.

Lo, (short for Lawrence and that's how we usually call him) is planning to travel to the US for a month of vacation sometime next year. And since he'll be leaving after his birthday, my boyfriend and I are planning to buy Miami Doplhins tickets for him so he will surely be enjoying his stay there.
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  1. Hi Maxi!:)

    I was busy all week with my job training, and wasn't even on-line Friday at all.

    Anyway, the Dolphins have higher expectations than in recent years after winning 11 games last year. I like what they've done there as well to build this team up.

    If things work out, I'll be watching the Steelers/Bears game in Chicago this year which is the second week of the NFL season.

    Finally glad I can return the favor of blugging the Blugging Queen today!:)


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