Renting A House In Boracay, Philippines

by - Thursday, May 14, 2009

Living here in Sweden for a year and ten months now, I find myself missing home (the Philippines) so much. Since my working and residence permit will soon be replaced with a permanent visa on or after (depends on my interview schedule which we don't have any clue when) 29 June of this year, me and my boyfriend are eagerly looking forward to our Philippine vacation. Hopefully, if everything goes well and I'll be receiving my visa a month before the next school term begins (usually during the last week of August), we can then fly to the Philippines and enjoy four weeks of leisure with family and friends.

Honestly, my boyfriend's a lot more excited than I am. He has been looking for great beaches to visit in the Philippines over the internet since early last year. After his first visit to the country (October 2006), he's already been wanting to go back and stay a lot longer. Anyway, after seeing wonderful photos of Boracay, he's decided to stay for a week or two there to really savor the beauty of crystal blue waters and wonderful marine life.

He has not spent so much time deciding on where to stay. He's found a house in Boracay which we can rent when we're there. The house is only 2-3 minutes away from the beach, restaurants, bars and shops. The house consists of two apartments, the ground and the upper floors. Depending on how many you are in the group, you can either just rent either of the apartments. Each apartment can accommodate up to four people. If more than 4 persons are staying, you have to rent the whole house.

The house if fully furnished with kitchen, bar, living room, hot and cold shower, double rooms (two double rooms upstairs and two double rooms downstairs). Unfortunately, as of the moment only the upper part of the house is provided with a cable TV and internet connection.

If you are interested to rent the house just like us, visit Boracayhouse for further details especially their reservation rates. I assure you that the rates are reasonable. The minimum stay is three nights and the maximum is four weeks. However, you can always contact the owner for longer stay arrangements.

Hmmm... with much hope, we can really go home within this year and be able to visit the much talked about Boracay (embarrassing to admit but I haven't been there ~yet~ all my life). If not, well... there's always a next year!

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