Searching For Affordable Web Host Providers

by - Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aside from school projects and two first blogs, my two newest contributions to the world of blogosphere (which are still under construction) keep me fully occupied these days. Since this semester have only three school weeks left, I've decided to expand my blogging horizon to keep me occupied during the upcoming two-month summer break.

After four days, I've finally been able to come up with a title (which I've changed a trillion times) for each blog and layouts. I am now in the verge of choosing which webhosting provider to purchse services from for my upcoming blogs. I am just a common blogger who, just like some of you, can't afford to pay so much for a webhost company. I need to search for a cheap web hosting support to fit in my budget.

Looking through some internet pages which contain personal reviews on different web hosting providers is what I consider a practical step to do before finally deciding on which service to pay for. I am really overwhelmed to see some web host providers who make their services as affordable to common bloggers like me (and you) as possible. I've already gone trough some companies which offer a monthly fee below $10 per month per domain which automatically comes with unlimited web space and site traffic.

My search for a web host provider for my two blogs keeps getting more and more interesting and serious! So if you are also thinking of purchasing your own domain, visit a webhosting review site first to find the provider that matches your web host desires.

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  1. kayang kaya mo yan maxi, ikaw pa e can afford ka naman di ba? :-P :-P :-P

  2. haha kuya 'P! kaw talaga. pinag iisipan ko pa kung sinong web host provider kukunin ko.

    thanks sa pagbisita. :) :) :)


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