Shoe Hunting Tips!

by - Thursday, May 14, 2009

In the mood of buying a new pair of shoes? Here are some tips for shoe shopping based on my personal shoe hunting experiences:
  • If you have some time, avoid purchasing shoes online. There are times when upon trying them on, the shoes do not really fit your size and skin color. You'll just end up returning your purchased goods which is so much of a hassle. In worse cases, you have to pay for reshipping and extra fees when returning and exchanging items. Worst... the company or the person (when ordering from a private individual) does not allow return or exchange of stocks. Your shoes will just be sitting in a corner unused for decades.

  • Hunting for shoes for a day offline is always a better option. When scheduling your shopping moments, look for a specific day when you have plenty of time to hop from one store to another and try several pairs of shoes without stress.

  • If possible, know the different shoe stores in the area and choose which ones you want to go to. If you have a particular brand or style in mind, only check those stores which cater your needs to avoid wasting time. You can always check web addresses or the yellow pages to locate specialty stores.

  • Wear the right kind of socks or stockings you're planning on wearing with your shoes. If you are looking for a pair of rubber or working shoes, it's a lot more comfortable to have socks on. This way, you'll know if the shoes will fit right with socks on. If you are looking for high heeled (closed back and toe) shoes, wear stockings. If you are looking for sandals, flipflops, open toe and ballerina shoes, it's better to try these items without socks or stockings as they most of the time look a lot better with your "naked" feet.

  • Last but not the least and perhaps the most important of all, know your budget!

That's it! Of course, these are just how I shop for shoes. You might have some other ideas in mind you might want to share. I'll be glad to hear some tips from you, too!

Enjoy shoe hunting!

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  1. great tips, was planning to buy shoes online, since i couldn't fine the "type" shoe i wanted to have. i'm glad i came here...

  2. Angels in my Life14 May 2009 at 15:40

    lovely shoes, i can see and dami mo ng collection ha? if my hubby sees me with a bunch of shoe? he'll commented something like "what are you going to do with those other shoes? since you can't wear them all a t the same time.. LOL!"

  3. thanks supernova! already dropped by your page today and left a commetn, too!

  4. haha! my boyfriend tells me that too. well, women love shoes! hihi :)

  5. hi maxi, dun ako sa # 2 tip mo ha kase ok yon..at dapat talaga kung mag shopping ka e dapat sa araw ... :-D :-D :-D

  6. hehe! thanks jodi for dropping by here today. appreciate ko talaga! :)

  7. Hi Maxi!:)

    This is great advice, and I have had thoughts about buying shoes on-line because of having a great variety. However, you pointed out the downfalls which is why I never have done so. Having to buy shoes that don't fit without trying them on is always a huge risk. Plus for me, I've always wanted the wide shoes instead of the normal ones. One of my friends also wears the wide shoes because of having bone spurs in his foot, but got normal ones shipped to him when ordering online.

    Anyway, glad to have the opportunity to blug you back on here. Also, we know you are busy with school, but that isn't the only thing. You are surprisingly training hard(only because you've admitted public laziness before...hahaha) for your BWE career, too. Of course, you don't need any blugging training though!

    Take care my wonderful blugging friend!;):)

  8. haha! 'd! you made me :) and not >:o hehe.

    anyway, i've shopped a few pair of shoes online. some pairs i love while others are not really that great in real life.. you know what i mean. there are times when i regret ordering shoes from the internet. :(

    anyway, so happy to see you here again blugging me! hihi


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