Tata Benito's A WholeLatteLove Coffee Shop, Davao City, Philippines

by - Thursday, May 21, 2009

When you're in Davao and in search for a place where you can unwind, relax and spend time with your precious friends while enjoying your favorite cups of coffee, Tata Benito's A WholeLATTELove Coffee Shop might just be the perfect coffee nest for you.

Tata Benito's coffee haven is owned by a young entrepreneur named Gel, who happens to be a friend of mine since our elementary days. Anyway, Tata Benito's which now has two branches has been welcoming people from all walks of life since 2007 (sadly, I wasn't in the Philippines anymore when it opened). The main branch is located at the World Palace, Acacia St., Juna Subdivision in Matina while you can find the second branch at the Ground floor of Conpinco Building. There will soon be another branch (or has it opened already?) at the Robinson's Cybergate in Lanang (another place which opened after I flew here to Sweden).

No matter what type of coffee your tastebud desires, Tata Benito's has it for you. Not a coffee fanatic? Not a problem as you can choose from a variety of hot chocolate drinks, smoothies, iced/hot tea, sodas and more. You can also match your chosen drinks with your favorite pasta, sandwich, cake and pizza. If in certain cases your brain and stomach (these two usually work together - in my case at least) are longing for those fried rice dishes, they too serve the famous "sinangag" must haves for Pinoys (and foreigners of course) such as tapsilog, tocilog and longsilog which are waiting for you to munch.

Well... well... I will surely visit Tata Benito's when given the chance to spend my vacation in the Philippines one day soon!

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  1. Hello, paying you a visit. Bilib talaga ako sa 'yo. You got lots to blog about and you blog that fast. Hinihingal tong ate mo sa kahahabol, haha... kaya nga minsan lang ako makapagcomment. Ung friendster ko nga minsan ko lang dinalaw. Are you on myspace too? I'll include you in my blogroll soon. 'tong PC ko 'andito sa office kaya pa minsan minsan lang ung tambay ko sa blogosphere.

  2. hope they'll open a branch here in metro manila.

  3. haha! kaw talaga ate joj! sarap kasing sumulat ng articles eh. just that i donät have much time to do this. hopefully, one day!

  4. i hope so, too rossel!

  5. awholeLATTElove27 May 2009 at 08:36

    hi, we already closed the branch in world palace and moved it to rizal-legaspi st., We also opened a new branch in robinsons.
    So theres three now, conpinco, robinsons, and rizal. thank you for posting 8-)


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