The Unplanned Tuesday Shoe And Skirt Shopping

by - Thursday, May 21, 2009

After my last subject in school yesterday, I went directly to the pharmacy to buy my boyfriend his medicines for his gout. He was working late so I decided to drop by the drugstore in his behalf.
Unfortunately, while inside the pharmacy it started raining real hard. Since it was located right beside the town's shopping building, I chose to go inside the mall, thought of checking some stuffs and wait until the rain would finally subside. My first stop was of course, the shoe shop. I went around the area, tried some pair of shoes and without any plans left the store with a new pair of pretty ballerina footwear. I then "reported" to the clothes shop right next to it. As usual, I checked some items, fit a few and ended up purchasing a short blue floral skirt (also unplanned). After one hour and a half, I realized that my legs were already starting to surrender and were screaming "We want to go home now!" That was when I bought an umbrella and went home after doing so.

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  1. Hi Maxi!:)

    It never comes as shock to me with you and shoe shopping. Sometimes, we tend to change our mind based on circumstances beyond our control. I recently bought a new laptop after my old kept freezing up too much while still being very slow. So glad because I can get around so much faster.

    Anyway, love the pictures of you here. The cat coming into the camera on the first one was a little freaky...hehehe.

    I added your third blog to my Friend's Link List as well. I have big changes ahead for me which I'll be traveling a lot with my new job. I'll still be blogging though. Also, it gives me the chance to meet bloggers in person which a few have already expressed interest in that in California where I know many live.

    Anyway, always glad to have the opportunity to blug the Blugging Queen of the blogging universe back!;):)

    Best wishes my wonderful friend!;):)

  2. why do women love to shop and collect shoes? lol! I love foot wears too.

  3. Scotty's Princess21 May 2009 at 14:27

    Hi Maxi! You look so drop dead gorgeous! Thanks for swinging by my blog today. Already added 2 of your blogs at scottzprincess.com. Still have to add them at lainyonline.com. Pls give me time. I am having a hard time with Wordpress. Still groping my way 'round it...

    CHEERS! </> :)

  4. thank you blugging 'd for dropping by my humble blog (???) again. i always have last minute decision changes which are at times terrible as i end up spending some of my savings. grrr...

    i am glad to know that you have bought yourself a reward - a laptop! good for you. you deserve it blugging 'd!

    yup. thanks for adding my third blog to your blogroll 'd. will add your blog to my maxi's hnh blog later. sorry for the delay.

    wow! you will soon meet some fellow bloggers. sounds nice. take photos and share it to us, promise???

    well, we'll understand if you can't blug us (me in particular) everyday anymore. your job is more important (doesn't sound right, huh? *DONT_KNOW*) what i want to say is that, do what you need to do! well... glad to know that you'll keep on blogging somehow. you can do it 'd!

    i guess as of the moment, i am no longer the blugging queen of the blogosphere. :( :( :( really want to get back blugging!

    see you around 'd! :) :) :) :)

  5. my answer: i don't really know. it's just that we are usually impulsive buyers at times. hehe.

    thanks rossel for the visit.

  6. no worries lainy! i totally understand you.

    hope wordpress is treating you right. kidding! take your time. add me later when you've already learned how to go around wordpress.

    have a great day! :)

  7. Maxi, I'll be sure to post some pictures when meeting bloggers, and I'm sure those I meet will do the same.

    You're no longer the Blugging Queen? You're now a Hollywood movie star: http://www.basicbloganomics.com/2009/05/made-for-tv-blogger-movies.html :-D

    Good night my dear Blugging Queen of the Blogging Universe friend!;):)

  8. thanks 'd! i will surely be looking forward to the photos.

    and gosh... i love that post. not because i've been mentioned (well.. honestly, more importantly because i've mentioned ;) )

    i really love your writing style. gosh gosh.

    have a great day blugging 'd! :) :) :)

  9. beyond hotography29 May 2009 at 07:29

    wow ganda talaga ni Maxi ....parang barbie ang legs :)...totoo yan ha...drop by lang ako ha...see yah

  10. wow,ganda sa nabili mo Max, may taste ka talaga. I don't understand why we love shopping hehe, sometimes paiba iba ang mind at makabili na wala sa plano :)
    Ganyan rin ako minsan, sabihin kung window shopping lang pero parang di yata makauwi pag walang bitbit, yan ang problema hehe.


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