Back To Blogging... Back To Blugging!

by - Thursday, June 11, 2009

... And I am finally back to blogging and "blugging" (my made up word regarding my combination of blogging and bugging people with my loooong comments and at times, to the extent of sending them personal e-mails--- a word which I first referred to my "blugging" buddy 'D). Today is the final day of the semester. It really feels great to get away from stress and school projects for awhile. I will surely be enjoying my two month vacation. Not yet sure though what to do. Well.. I'll keep you updated regarding our vacation plans later when everything's final.

Anyway, I am finally done with all the necessary levels in the Swedish language course. It has been a tough road to travel. However, at the same time I consider it a fun journey... meeting new people, being introduced (and accepted of course) to a new culture and learning a new language have been exciting so far.

I've received my grades today through email and I really feel proud of my achievements. I have been given a "good" rating for my latest and last Swedish language course, an "excellent" grade on my English B subject and a "very good" mark on my Math B studies.

I recall a friend calling me "insane" when I decided to study extra subjects aside from what was only required for my case (Swedish). Well, I mean if going to school here in Sweden is entirely free, why not get extra courses to have as a challenge on the side? I'd rather spend some hours in school, mingling with people and refreshing my knowledge rather than to sit at home and do nothing.

Since my schedule of taking the Swedish Pharmacy exam is on December 2 of this year, I've decided to enroll myself in some other classes while waiting for the said date. Because I am no longer required to study some more Swedish language subjects, I am considering taking the tough Math C class (just for fun and again --- to challenge my brain) and French for beginners next term. I haven't decided yet what other subjects to take. I will have to brainstorm first for awhile before submitting my application form within this week.

Oh how lovely it is to get a free education... not to forget the monthly allowance all students receive as a support from the government to those who are willing to educate themselves! Thanks Sweden!

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  1. Oh great! I don't think I have to guess who you're talking about "blugging"! Now is when Maxi goes back on her throne as the Blugging Queen again. I should add that in the script of your movie! Don't think I can't do it either! LOL!

    Seriously, congrats on all your grades and I know that you've worked tirelessly to achieve them(even though you claim laziness all the time, lol).

    Thanks for sharing the news and very glad to have you back my dear blugging friend!;) :)

  2. welkam bak ovah coffee..tagal mo rin ata nawala dito sa blogging... =-X =-X =-X

  3. Welcome back my dear sweet friend. It is very nice to see you back in bloggerville. Congrats also on all the great grades that you got. :) :)

  4. glad to have you at blog world again. Welcome back.

  5. Welcome back ... and it figures that David is the first to welcome you ... :-P

    Oh yes ... take the French class to expand language and your appreciation of the world. Just make sure you visit it before you leave Europe.

    Good luck on the last leg on your current educational journey.

  6. hi maxi musta ka na? tagal mo na wala dito ah..welkam bak sayo =-X =-X =-X

  7. This is the first time I visit your blog. Keep posting. It's really nice to hang out here =)

  8. glad your finally back to the blog world...

  9. Angels in my life12 June 2009 at 03:58

    hope to hear a lot from you now... welcome back.

  10. Hi thanks for your visit. I will be away for a while, so might not visit you often.

    Anyway, welcome back to blogging.

  11. haha! i am not yet 100% back since i need to get back to enjoying life first... you know 'd.. like visiting malls or go out to parks or travel somewhere else. my energy's been so drained the past weeks that i need to unwind a bit.

    but it does feel great to be back blogging and visiting friends' blogs and blugging them (like i do to you). hehe.

    have a great day blugging 'd! :)

  12. sorry jodi ha. naging super busy lang talaga. hehe. but i am glad to be back.. ;)

  13. thanks bill. i love bloggerville but i need to concentrate a lot on my studies especially during the finals. hehe.

    so, how's my farmer friend and yoville neighbor doing? :)

  14. thanks dana. i really need to do a lot of catching up. gosh gosh

  15. haha! yup. no wonder. david's awake round the clock i guess. hihi which is good!

    thanks frank for welcoming me back. i really miss blogging. i do visit your blog once awhile but can't leave a message as your posts are so deep... hehe. my tiny little brain can't understand everything. gosh gosh. embarrassing :-[

    and might really take french. thanks for the advice! :)

  16. hello kuya. pasensya na. naging busy sa school eh. pero, summer vacation na at may 2 months akong free kaya, balik sa blogging muna. musta na ikaw? :)

  17. thanks blinkky. i guess i've visited your blog a couple of times already. not sure though if i was able to leave you some comments there. will check. thanks for visiting! :)

  18. i am glad, too nova.. feels so great.

  19. you surely will! :)

  20. oh. no worries. where will you be travelling? hope you have a nice time. thanks for visiting and welcoming me back. :)


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