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by - Monday, June 22, 2009

Chris of Chris's Blog, a blogger friend asked for a bit of help from me tonight regarding how he can display his blog's badge neatly (according to him) on his blog's sidebar.

So, Chris... here goes the answer to your question... all you need to do is to copy the entire code I've got for you below and paste it on your blog's HTML box and save it afterwards. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE ALL { to otherwise your code will never work at all.
If you need to make some readings on how to create and display blog badges, you can find a step by step tutorial here and here.

{center>{a href="http://www.smithc.net/" target="_blank">{img alt="Chris's Blog" src="http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s143/seokid/badge.jpg" border="0" />{/a>{/center>
{center>{textarea rows="3" cols="22">{a href="http://www.smithc.net/" target="_blank">{img border="0" alt="Chris's Blog" src="http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s143/seokid/badge.jpg" />{/a>{/textarea>{/center>

After you've pasted the above code on your blog, it will look like this:

Chris's Blog

I hope I have somehow helped you Chris! Have a great day! Let me know if you need some more help. I am not an expert but I will always try to help if I cansengihnampakgigi.

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  1. aww u really didn't have to go and do the code for me like that! thankssss ^_^ you rock! that's exactly what i was hoping to get. And for those as slow as i was, you have to do this in the html/javascript box in page layouts. It took me a min to realise how i kept trying to edit my text box. :-P

    Recent undefined:=-

  2. you are welcome. no worries. it took me just a couple of minutes to post it. i was thinking that you might be offline already or scared to give away your email add (like me) that's why i understand...

    i am glad it helped and it's working.

    problem is, i can't copy your code. whenever i try to right click it, it won't show the commands. maybe your blog does not allow copy paste commands... or maybe just in my computer. hmm. not sure though..

    you are welcome. i am always glad to help... :) :) :)

    Recent undefined:=-

  3. by the way.. you aren't slow... just like you, i don't know everything about blogging so it's okey to ask sometimes. have a great day chris! :)

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