Completing My Brother's Kitchen

by - Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I've chatted for hours through Yahoo chat with my family last Saturday. It has been really a great feeling to exchange updates with the people I love most. I've already mentioned to them about me and my boyfriend's plan on flying to the Philippines on July 2. They're all excited to meet us and we're also looking forward to spending time with them even for just three weeks.

My younger brother who has a Bachelor's Degree on Hotel and Restaurant Management has finally decided to start a small business soon. He loves to bake so much and already has frequent customers for his mango float, ice cream and cake products. I've asked him what he needs to keep his tiny business grow a bit faster. He honestly tells me about his wish to expand his kitchen a bit which is why I've come to a decision to purchase some necessary kitchen appliances for him.
We have already agreed on ordering an electric oven (bigger than what he has at home at the moment), a stand mixer, two hand mixers for smaller jobs and an electric cooktop. My brother is so excited about the purchase and can't wait to finally have them in his favorite part of the house - the kitchen.

Shopping online is a lot easier. This way, I can compare prices in just a click of the mouse, search for a specific item I needed and most importantly, I am able to read product specifications and product reviews to help me decide a lot quicker.

Anyway, due to the fact that we are spending some weeks back home for a vacation, we've also looked into pretty dinnerware and flatware to complete the kitchen.

It will surely be a lovely vacation (with a lovely kitchensengihnampakgigi)!

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