Davao Butterfly House - The Butterfly Haven

by - Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three months before finally migrating to Sweden, I committed myself to visiting the Davao Butterfly House located in the Riverfront Complex, along the Davao River in Maa (Davao City, Philippines).

Butterflies amaze me. They are tiny colorful creatures of nature (there are huge ones, too!) which freely soar into the air, spreading beauty and grace! Who wouldn't be fascinated with them?

Anyway, I went there with my highschool bestfriend on a Saturday afternoon after having our lunch at the Mandarin Tea Garden at NCCC Davao.
The first thing we've noticed is the pretty landscaped lawn that warmly welcomes every visitor. There are lots of benches and tables where you can sit down, take a break and have some snacks with your friends and family. This part of the butterfly haven is at no extra cost. But by the time you decide to see the butterflies up close and personal is the moment you need to reach for those wallets and pay a small amount of Php25 per person (plus/minus US$0.50) for the entire tour (children under 2 years old - free entrance).

Once inside, you can go around, enjoy the company of the butterflies and take as many photos as you like. It's fun and educational too as there are charts illustrating the metamorphosis of the butterflies. With much luck, you can find some pairs mating as you go around the place. You can also find a small cottage where larvae are being housed and taken cared of until they mature.

If you are in the City of Davao, visit the Davao Butterfly House. You'll surely never forget the encounter with these flying wonders!senyumkenyit

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  1. looks very interesting Maxi. I bet it was fun. :)

  2. it was really fun, bill! :)


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