Home Inspection - A Wise Step Even Before Purchasing A Property

by - Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One reminder my mom tells me over and over again about purchasing a new home is to check first the entire building first. This will make sure that I will be paying the right price for the type of house I am getting.

Thing is, I am not an engineer like my mom and I don't know what to inspect and how to do it. We are not yet planning to buy a house of our own but in a few years time, we will.

A close friend of mine who now resides in Colorado (hello MJ... miss you!) told me about a Denver Home Inspection company her mother hired to help them check their soon-to-be new home. My friend and her mother didn't have any idea on how to inspect the building and was scared to end up paying more. The inspection company they asked helped from did the necessary inspection a week later and even provided my friend's mom all the necessary information regarding what needed to be renovated and fixed even before they could finally move in. After knowing everything, my friend's family decided to tell the owner of the house to do the necessary repairs first before discussing the final price of the house. The seller agreed and so had everything fixed.

My friend's family is presently living in a pretty, comfortable and safe home in Denver!

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  1. Good to know that in US, there's such thing as home-inspection company. In Malaysia, such kind of company is unheard of. So when it comes to buying 2nd hand houses, one either has to rely on ownself (if one has the knowledge) or get friends or relatives to help check for defects (even then it may not be that thorough because it still depends on their level of knowledge) or in my wildest imagination, hire a small-time contractor to check for defects! :-P

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  2. hello alice!

    i am just glad that my mom's an engineer and knows a lot of people who are experienced in home inspections. it's always better to have the building inspected first before paying for it (just like you said) otherwise you might end up paying so much for it and then pay so much for renovations.

    thanks for dropping by here alice! hugs! :)

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