I Am Hunting For Cell Phone Accessories

by - Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My dad gave me a Nokia N73 phone on my 28th birthday. He asked mewhat I would want on my special day and since N73 was still new on the

market (sometime in 2006) the phone was my first choice. I never thought that dad would really purchase the mobile phone for me which was why I got really surprised when I opened my present.sengihnampakgigi

I still have the same phone in perfect condition up to this very moment. I love the phone so much that I handle it with extra care everyday. Since my boyfriend and I will be leaving for a vacation, I've decided to purchase an extra battery as a reserved and an extra charger which I will be bringing with me on the travel. I am also checking some cell phone cases. I just think that it is a wise idea to place my phone in a protective case to minimize shock.

I will soon be placing my order and I just can't wait to have my new cell phone accessories delivered at our doorstep.

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