I Want A Stress-Free Living

by - Monday, June 22, 2009

Life is either filled with happy moments or stressful situations. I always hope that I can stay on the "happy moments" side of life instead of the other.

During the past months of school and blogging pressures, I admit that I really need look for a stress management program to help me calm down a bit.

Another fact (which I can never deny) that adds tension in my life is that I miss my family back in the Philippines. I have passed all my final exams on the previous semester and I am ready to face school challenges again when class opens in August. I am back to blogging which helps me gain more new friends each passing day. Still, I long for meeting my family again soon.

Since I still have a couple of weeks left before finally flying with my boyfriend to the Philippines for a three-week vacation, I have spent a few minutes last night searching for some inspiration online to help me drive stress away from my life. The Stress Institute site just seems to be a perfect place for me where I can educate more about stress, its negative effects in my life and most importantly, I get to read through some tips on how I can effectively reduce my stress level. The site's online virtual media room also adds a lot of inspiration for people like me (or maybe you, too). I am just glad to find The Stress Institute to help me manage my stress.

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  1. I'll have to forward this link on to some other people that I know could use it. They too are stressed with nothing able to cheer them up. Thanks for the post

  2. thank you chris for visiting my blog today.

    yup. the site is really helpful to people like me! hope it can help your friends, too. :)

    Recent :=-


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