Knowing What A Certificate of Deposit (CD) Is All About

by - Monday, June 01, 2009

I was sitting down with my boyfriend's family the other day when I overheard them discussing something about the present CD rates at banks.

With much curiosity, I asked my (future) mother-in-law what these "CDs" are all about. I first thought that they were talking about compact discs but when I caught the words "rates at the banks" got me so much confused. Anyway with much patience, she explained it a bit to me.

A CD actually refers to "Certificate of Deposit" which comes with a maturity date, a fixed interest and is mostly issued by commercial banks.

Well well... so there went my Saturday lecture from my boyfriend's mom. I actually should thank her for implanting this new knowledge into this tiny brain of mine.

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  1. Hi Maxi!:)

    I had no idea about this either. The only CD I know of is Compact Disc, but now I know more than one.

    There's no way your brain can be tiny. Besides, it takes a lot of brains to figure out creative ways to blug me as long as you have! Hehehe.

    Always a pleasure to visit you my dear blugging friend!:)


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