Lovely Sets Of Pool Cues And Cases

by - Friday, June 26, 2009

My boyfriend loves billiards. He has his own list of his favorite players andwhenever they are on a tournament, he never fails to switch on the telly, click on
the right channel and watch them play.

We have been talking lately about his dream home. The chats are not that serious but if ever we can already afford to buy our own house, he really dreams of having his own billiard room where he can play on his own, with me, with his family or with friends.

Funny as it might sound but he has already been going through some pages in a website which sells all the necessary billiard equipments to put his dream into reality. He is seriously looking into his possible choices of billiard tables, pool accessories and furniture to complete his soon-to-be gameroom. He finds so many well designed pool cues and pool cue cases which have presently caught his attention.

I might not be as big as a fan as my boyfriend is but I do adore some great Filipino pool players which is the reason why I also want to have my own set of pool sticks so I can join the fun one day whenever I have nothing else to do. I actually have my own list of what to purchase by the time my boyfriend already has set up his billiard room.

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  1. naku nung bata pa ako maxi hilig ko rin yan billiards na yan kaya malimit tambay ako sa kanto para magbilyar lang..ang siste ayun bagsak ang grades ko..waaaaa =-X =-X =-X

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  2. naku sis pareho pala mga bf natin, love din nya bilyar kaya nga minsan nagagalit ako kase parang mas mahal nya pa yon kesa sa akin

  3. ay.. wawa ka naman kuya 'p. hehe. dami ngang kabataan sa pinas na super addict sa bilyard. hehe. ako, na try ko na pero, 'ala eh. hirap pala. pero, gusto ko try ulit. hehe. :)

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  4. ay jodi. di naman. lab ka din syempre ng iyong bf. hehe. enjoy lang sila magbilliards. kaw talaga. ;)

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