Maxi Will Soon Fly To The Philippines (And Hong Kong)

by - Wednesday, July 01, 2009

To all my bloggerville friends (and to those who will become my friends in some days to comesengihnampakgigi), I want to apologize in advance as I may not be able to visit your blogs for the following three days. I will be flying to the Philippines along with my boyfriend on July 1 for a 21-day family visit. Our plane is expected to land on the Philippine soil at midnight of the 2nd of July. I will probably be still exhausted on July 3 due to an almost two-day flight which is why I might do some bloghops beginng July 4. So, please bear with me. We will be bringing a laptop along the journey but I am not quite sure if I will really have time to surf the internet at all.

I do promise to update you about my vacation from time to time and will post as much photos as possible.

As I've mentioned on my previous post, Lawrence (my boyfriend's bestfriend) will follow us a week later after he has attended his mom's birthday celebration in London. After the three-week Philippine vacation, we'll be flying to Hong Kong and will stay there for the next five days along with one of my younger brothers.

I am sure that I will indeed have a wonderful vacation this year!

See you soon again guys! Hugs!kenyit

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  1. Safe travels ... and enjoy your trip home!

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  2. hello, hope you're having a blast in the PH, try to visit as many beaches as you can as well as dining establishments.

    by the way, i have an award for you, please grab it at my blog, thanks.

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  3. I hope your vacation is a great one to your home my dear blugging friend!:)

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  4. wow...biglaan naman yata! akala ko talaga medyo malayo pa..where na kau ngayon ng bf mo friendship? nasa manila kayo o davao? enjoy your trip here sa philippines....

  5. sexy legs and body5 July 2009 at 18:09

    May I wish you a wonderful holiday, I hope the flying went ok, I hate flying, I am sh*t scared, I cannot imagine two whole days of on and off flying, I will go nuts!
    Anyway, hope to see you again soon, but enjoy every minute of it.
    "hugs" =-X

  6. Look! I voted for you. Check this out http://www.meanderclutter.com/2009/07/my-choice-of-10-emerging-influential.html

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  7. thanks frank! we arrived safely. it was a looong trip but fun.


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  8. thanks anya. will sure do. doing some planning now. hehe. :)

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  9. thanks blugging 'd! i have been home since july 2 and have been really very busy since then. no time for blogging yet. hehe.

    will post some photos soon.

    have a great day! :)

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  10. hello prenship. oo nga. biglaan. three weeks lang din eh. dito kami manila now. super busy at di pa makapagblog. whew!

    mwahugs! :)

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  11. oh. i understand you colin. it is truly scary to fly but i have no choice. :)

    the trip was really almost 2 days long and i was too tired. whew! :)

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  12. hello ate joji! thanks for voting for me. :) napasaya mo ako ah!

    will be back blogging as soon as di na masyadong busy dito sa pinas vacation ko. mwah! :)

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  13. sexy legs and body6 July 2009 at 21:18

    Well, hey, I am glad you are ok and arrived safely, hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday, have fun and do not overdo anything. J
    Glad I am not u, just imagine you have to fly all those hours back again..hehhe..
    Have fun and take pics…
    Colin and Yolande Immelman
    27 83 276 8643
    27 82 441 4706

  14. Katherine a.k.a. Katie7 July 2009 at 14:30

    Safe travels. Enjoy your trip. I look forward to reading your blog when you return :-)


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