Updates On Maxi's Vacation 2009

by - Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Some of you are already aware that I will be traveling to the Philippines with Janne on July 1 which is just a few hours away from now. We will be spending a three-week vacation in Manila with my family. My boyfriend's bestfriend, Lawrence (who we often refer to as Lo) is so excited to visit my home country for the first time, will be joining us after a week.

After the Manila vacation, we will then spend five days in Hong Kong before finally flying back here (Sweden). One of my younger brothers, Mark will also come and join the fun in Hong Kong with us.

Anyway, since we are going away for a month, we've decided to purchase our two lovely cats an entire cat supply for one month. We've done the shopping last Sunday - 30 cans of Whiskas wet food with sauce (they don't like the one with jelly), a 10 kilo sack of Friskies Adult dry food and 20 kilos of cat sand for their litter box. Upon arriving home with the groceries we've bought for them, they've immediately checked all the cat items.senyumkenyit

On the photo: Our lovely cats, Neko and Bisse amazed (I guess) with the cans of Whiskas in sauce and a sack of their favorite Friskies. They didn't mind though the four sacks of cat litter sand. senyumkenyit
My boyfriend's younger brother, Ronny and his girlfriend, Jessica (thanks guys!) have dropped by this afternoon to get the instructions they have to remember. They will be living in our apartment during the entire duration of our vacation to take care of the place and of course the cats.

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