Mini Golf - Huge Fun!

by - Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've always admired Tiger Woods' golfing talent... his skills, precision, technique, concentration and his passion towards the said sport. I've always thought that I'll never have the opportunity to play golf ever.

I live in a small town (Söderhamn, Sweden) where most people enjoy and appreciate simple gatherings and recreations such as fishing, dog parades, watching mini concerts, dining out and playing mini golf with family and friends.
My boyfriend's mom gave us a call one sunny afternoon and invited us to join the rest of the gang (the family) down by the mini golf shop. We first sat down by the restaurant, had some soda and fries and shared some chats before finally deciding to try and beat each other in mini golf. It was my first time to really try and hit a golf ball and it was really a wonderful feeling!

Mini golf sure looks so easy but once you try it you'll surely have a hard time figuring out how to put that ball into the hole. It's pretty challenging and fun!

And of course... I lost and was actually at the last placegigil. Well, the good thing was... we all did have a great mini golf time together!

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  1. Hey hey Maxi ... welcome to the world of golf! Yes, mini golf (or putt-putt as some call it) isn't as easy as one thinks ... but it's meant to be fun, so I hope you enjoyed yourself.

    With the waterway in the background, what a beautiful setting! ... and it looks like great weather too!

    By the way, putt putt on a moving (and swaying) cruise ship is an interesting challenge with a great setting.

    Have a good day! :)

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  2. hey frank! that's a cute way of saying it... putt-putt! hihi. thanks for the tip. i will surely write about mini golf using the word putt-putt due to your tip today. hehe. thanks a lot. will be visiting your blog after replying to all the comments here. hugs! :) :) :)

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