My Friend's Bedroom Furniture Choices

by - Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My friend will soon move to another town as she has found a job in one of the hotels there. She and her husband will not be bringing along some of their furniture as they want to have a new start in their new home. They are at the moment looking for some living room and bedroom furniture for their new place. They have more or less sorted out which sofa and tv rack to choose but are still having difficulties deciding which bed, dresser and side tables to order.The couple has added the Sterling Park Platform bed and a side table to match the bed (as shown on the photo above). I personally like this bed because it is stylish, it looks elegant and fresh. I am somehow sure that they'll be getting this one.
Their second option is the Santiago bed (photo above) which looks simple and pretty. They've also found a matching side table for the bed. This set also looks elegant but if it's I who will decide, I will go for their first choice.My friend has told me that choosing for the dresser isn't really a difficult decision to make since her husband doesn't care at all with whatever dresser she will be having in their room. She has been first torn into two pretty sets at first but has finally given it a go for the Amarayllis Dressing Table plus the classic looking stool.

Well, I just hope that they'll be able to come up with a decision soon on which to purchase because they will be moving in three weeks time. I just can't wait to visit them in their new home one day!

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