On Missing The Philippines

by - Friday, June 12, 2009

It's June 12 and I just want to say, "Happy Independence Day, Philippines!"

I am away from my home country for almost 2 years now. I do admit that I miss the Philippines so much. No matter how difficult life is to a lot of people back there, there are just so many things Filipinos should be thankful of:
  • children/teenagers greeting their parents, titas, titos, lolas and lolos with a kiss on the cheek, forehead or hand everytime they meet --- anywhere --- without being embarrassed of showing their affection even if there are plenty of strangers around them

  • the respectful gestures of the younger people to those who are born some years ahead of them (I miss the words kuya, ate, opo and po)

  • the friendly faces amidst the crisis

  • the term "picture-picture" wherein most Pinoys will pause for a second or two and have their photos taken alone or with friends

  • the through thick and thin, in sickness and in health and till death do us part types of friends which are rare in some parts of the world

  • the phrases "libre mo ako, beh" (which is a simple term for like, "let's go get some coffee... your treat!" which I usually end up to be the "treater" in most cases) and of course those made up words with "s" add ons at the end such as: kita-kits, mustamos, pips (which means people/folk), taratitats and more

  • the favorite doubling of words like: picture-picture, labing-labing, joke-joke-joke (that's three!), labs na labs, okey na okey, etc.

  • the noontime shows (doesn't matter which channel you support) which simply unite all sorts of people during lunchtime

  • the simple rides such as the famous village tricycles and "padyaks" which deliver people right in front of their homes in exchange for a few pesos

  • the fresh from the oven soft and chewy pandesal

  • and many more!
Well, the list just goes on and on. I really do miss 'Pinas, my family and friends. Hope to see you all again soon and yes... Libre ko ang dinner (Dinner's my treat!).

Before finally ending this post, let me share to you the Philippine National Anthem which I have been humming the whole day long today:
Later prenships!

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  1. Hayyy...You are so right girl! I missed Pinas too. I miss the Filipino Foods like Bulad-Salted Fish, Guinamos-Anchovies,Tinola,etc...etc.. etc... :-D. Those things you mentioned were all realistic and true. Thanks for changing my URL pala ha.Happy Independence Day...

  2. thanks a lot amy! hihi. kakamiss noh.

    welcome... anytime! mwah

  3. felt the same way you do when i was away from the philippines! when i havent left philippines yet, i was always complaining about the hardships here and all, but then a few months away from our country, i was missing it, the food even showbiz, to the point where i was buying showbiz magazine everymonth! lol, and to think i viewed these kind of magazines as cheap..lol! and i was not into the local music but i bought a cd full of it and humming and singing the local songs! lol! well may an! just take care there,and i know even though you're away, you seem happy there and very bz too! take care!

  4. thanks trelmz. true. when we are in our own country, we simply forget to cherish the big and small details of happiness. it's when we are away when we feel how much we really love our country deep in within ... even to the extent of kacheapan. hehe.

    nowadays, i do watch filipino films and i really think that filipinos have great talents and great ideas to share to the people. how i wish everyone can appreciate those as well.

    thanks trelmz for dropping by. miss yah. mwah

  5. miss you too maxi, how are you na ba today..? :-D :-D :-D
    happy independence day sayo... :-D :-D :-D

  6. hi maxi, happy independence sayo at kamusta ka na rin ngayon..tagal mong nawawala sa ere... :-D :-D :-D

  7. hello jodi

    i am doing well naman.

    suffering from fever, tonsillitis and been having cough for days pero heto, buhay pa rin.

    visited your blog and i left a comment there, too.

    mwah :)

  8. hello kuya 'p. kabibisita ko lang ng blog mo at nag-iwan din ako ng kumento. heheh.

    balik nako sa ere!! :)

  9. Hi Maxi! Happy Independence Day & enjoy yr weekend! :* :*

  10. hello monica. thanks for dropping by here today. appreciate it a lot. :)

  11. hi maxi, Wala tlgang katulad ang Pilipinas! isigaw natin Mabuhay ang Filipino! :)

  12. oo nga eh. pati nga boyfriend ko, gustong gusto ang pinas. sarap kasi ng mga beaches, food, and malls doon eh.hehe.

  13. na-miss ko din tuloy philippines.

    btw, thanks for your visit sa site ko. Happy Sunday! :)

  14. thanks skippy heart for dropping by here. oo nga. kakamiss ang pinas! :)


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