Our Boise Home Theater Dream

by - Friday, June 05, 2009

There's a saying which goes more or less like this, "Human desire is a never ending process as there seems to be no satisfaction at all." Of course, there is nothing wrong about that. It's human nature to want one greater thing after another. For as long as you can afford it, then go for it!

Anyway, when I arrived here in Sweden, me and my boyfriend enjoyed our simple 26 inches "hunchback" TV. We never had issues with it especially when we found our cats sleeping comfortably on top of it mostly during the cold winter season.

A year later, we updated our entertainment set as we received a 32" flat screen TV as a gift from my boyfriend's father. We both had huge grins on our faces when the TV was set up. Because my boyfriend and I are movie and sports persons, watching these two forms of entertainment on a wider screen is a lot better.
One day, my boyfriend mentioned about his dream of having his own home theater in the near future. When I heard about the idea, I could see myself in the future sitting in front of this huge screen watching a film or two a day with my boyfriend - both with popcorn and soda on the side.

My boyfriend and I have been searching over the internet for ideas and best options to choose. While Googling, we have stumbled upon a Boise Home Theater website and read through some details. Choosing the right company to set up our dream home theater plays a vital role in achieving what we really want. AdvanTech is the one we're looking for as they specialize in installation and repair of TV mounting and surround sound.

We just can't wait to finally have our own Boise Home Theater! Soon!

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  1. I've discussed having a home theater with my girlfriend as well. It would be so sweeeet to have like a theater seat style couch, with a booming surround sound system. Not to mention the big screen! 8-)

  2. If you would like another option, please give me a call here at At Home Media on Emerald. We specialize in home automation, theaters, and surround/multi-zone audio systems. We have a show room here that would allow you to get some ideas of what might make your "Dream Home Theater!"
    Mike Fornander
    At Home Media


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