My 2nd Midsummer Day in Sweden (Midsommardagen)

by - Sunday, June 21, 2009

I haven't been really sitting in front of my computer for the past two days. For that, I apologize to all my friends here in Bloggerville for not being able to pay your blogs a visit.

Me and my boyfriend decided to have a lazy Friday since it was a "red" on the calendar that day. We spent only a couple of hours on the internet (me on my desktop computer and he on his laptop), watched loads of comedy series on telly and enjoyed some films after dinner.

The following day (Saturday) has been spent on attending a family reunion on my boyfriend's father side. Such a gathering takes place one a year at the same place (the family's vacation place) during the midsummer day (midsommardagen) here in Sweden. It has been my second time this year to be a part of the yearly family assembly and has never been disappointed. I always love the food, the warm welcome, the friendly faces, the never ending photo shoots and the long chats! I am again looking forward to next year's midsummer family reunion!

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  1. Maxi,
    The smiles show the aspects of welcome with a family. Well done and thanks for sharing.

    Recent blog:=- On a Choir of Voices

  2. hi maxi, naging busy ka pala these past few days..ok lang yan kaya lang kokonti yung pix mo dito sa slide... :-P :-P

  3. You have a very cute family pics there my friend. I glad to see you enjoyed your weekend together that is what is truly important. We will always be here waiting for you. Take care Maxi :)

    Recent blog:=- Happy Fathers Day

  4. thanks frank for coming over here today.. i really appreciate it a lot! :)

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  5. oo nga kuya 'p. i will add some photos after i have downloaded everything on my computer na. hugs to you!

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  6. thanks bill! i really did enjoy my weekend so much.. tired and exhausted after. hehe. but back on track today! :)

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