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by - Friday, July 17, 2009

The weather here in Metro Manila has been so unfriendly for the past few days now. Since we've been out everyday discovering the beauty of Metro Manila malls and a resort (yesterday), I've decided to sit down today with my family at home and relax while the rain's pouring down non-stop. I will be going out at 6 or 7 tonight and fetch my Bebe (my boyfriend) and Lo (Bebe's bestfriend) at Trinoma Mall.

I was looking for my eyeglasses as I (as usual) misplaced them after taking a quick shower. It was then my mom recalled my days in highschool when I had my first eyeglasses. We had difficulties deciding which pair to purchase since honestly, we could not really afford to buy one in the first place. It was a bit funny because I did not really like the pair we paid for - it wasn't comfortable to wear, big framed but well at least, cheap. My mom told me that if only she knew about Zennioptical.com during those years, I could at least have a better pair of affordable and stylish prescription glasses during my highschool days just like the pairs shown on the photos below:

I like the frames my mom has found at Zennioptical.com and since each pair (frame including lenses) is only priced at $8, that is truly without any doubt affordable.

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  1. ok ang eye glasses dito..musta na ba sis? how are you na?

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