Maxi And Janne Shopped For New Pairs Of Eyeglasses (Oakley And Puma) At Trinoma Mall

by - Thursday, July 16, 2009

My vacation has been great so far and it will surely get better day after day - that I am confident about!

Four days (or was it five? I need to check my calendar of events about this one later) after arriving here in the Philippines, I've decided to visit Trinoma Mall instead of SM North EDSA.

When I left the Philippines, the mall was still under construction. Since it was on our way to SM North EDSA, it was just smart for me to visit Trinoma and check the entire mall.

Trinoma (owned by the Ayalas) is a well designed building inside and out. Since it is huge, my boyfriend and I took 3 days to visit each and every boutique the mall has excluding the department store, food court and supermarket areas - which is an indication on how big it is really.

Anyway, the second day we visited Trinoma, my boyfriend dropped by Eye Stop Optical which is located in the ground floor of the mall (right next to the Mercury Drugstore). He was checking for new pairs of prescription glasses frames (and lenses) from one mall to another comparing prices and services. He was specifically looking for Oakley frames. The frame he wanted was present in almost every optical shop we had been to but the prices at the Eye Stop Optical was a bit (just a tiny tiny bit) lower compared to other stores which was reason enough for him to purchase a pair. He had his eyes examined (which was for free) and paid for the purchase.

Looking around in the same optical shop, I spotted a cute pair of Puma frames which really struck me. I was a bit hesitant to buy it since the pair I was wearing that time was still barely a year old. My boyfriend encouraged me to grab the opportunity (since I really like it) wherein in a few minutes, I did! Just like my boyfriend, I had my eyes checked for possible changes throughout the past months and well... he paid for my order :-). Thanks Bebe (that is how we call each other by the way)!

Taken at the Food Court of SM North EDSA with my new pair of eyeglasses July 15, 2009. Photo taken by my Bebe.
(enjoying Pancit Palabok, Lumpiang Shanghai and ice cold coffee with cream)
Me and my boyfriend at SM Mall of Asia's Park by the Bay, July 13, 2009. Wearing my new pair of eyeglasses. Photo taken by my younger brother, Mark.
Compared to prices in Sweden, even if the ones we got sounded so expensive (especially to common people like us), we still believe that we had a good deal. If we try to get the pairs in Sweden (which are usually difficult to find back there in the first place), prices are at least 5-8 times more expensive than the prices here in the Philippines.

I love my new pair of Puma eyeglasses and my boyfriend loves his Oakleys (he hasn't worn them yet though on the photos - we're scared that someone might just grab/snatch them while walking on the roads of Metro Manila - you know what I mean, right?). They are so comfortable, light and hmmm... I say, they look nice on me (somehow).

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  1. Friendship, ang ganda ng new eye glasses mo...looks like having fun sa vacation huh....be safe always 8-)

  2. lucky kid, yours are happy, better, and well-loved days! enjoy life, Maxi, you deserve it. ",)

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