The Upcoming Fall 2009 Collections Fashion Week In New York - How I Wish To Be Invited!

by - Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am labeled by my boyfriend, parents, brothers and friends as a dress-a-holic, shoe-holic and bag-aholic - just a few bits

regarding fashion which I admit I am guilty of being addicted about since the day I've reached my teenage years.

Some of you already know that I have walked the ramp many times (back when I was younger) for some local designers. Although I have lasted for only eight years in the fashion business, the experience is something I can never forget as it has helped me find my self worth and paved my way to having a more confident "me" up to this very minute.

Because the "ramp" has been a part of my existence, I usually spend time in front of our telly watching fashion shows, make-overs and competitions. I honestly wish that I am one of them whenever I see such events on tv.

Browsing the internet for the latest fashion stories, I've read about the upcoming fashion week which will display the fall 2009 collections. This upcoming event really interests me a lot. It is going to be held in New York and admission is strictly by invitation only. The event is only open for people working in the fashion industry, fashion press and of course some celebrities who are important in the said business.

If only I could find a genie in the bottle tonight who will grant me even just a wish, I will surely ask him to make it possible for me to get invited to watch the entire show. If so, all I need to do is to sort out my visa, plane tickets (back and forth) and search for New York Vacation Rentals where I can stay for a week or two. My stay for a couple of weeks there would surely be amazing, fabulous and memorable!

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